Review of JK Hansen Best Of Songs from Various Projects 2013-2018


Review of JK Hansen Best Of
Songs from Various Projects
From Hectic Head

Brief intro… What you are about to witness in your Stereo, Computer or MP3 player, Is One of the most fun CDs or Free download release I’ve stumbled across in quiet awhile. HuorrouH, The Cursed Little Kid and Little Brother a.k.a. JK Hansen. He is changing his styles with each outfit. HuorrouH is the 90’s band you would dream of becoming. The Cursed Kid is the Hip Hop side of thing.
Little Brother Going by the look of it may be a bit of a collaboration project.
I will give a track by track feel I what I felt while listening. And I was feeling quiet a blast from the 90’s so I shall start.

1. HuorrouH: Touched By An Alien… This track has some really cool sounds in it. The Wah Wah part reminded me of old retro games one in mind Alien Commodore 64 Theme song. The lyrics are easy to follow. The words to the songs are like a story you would hear in your childhood years about an abandoned house that is Haunted. And going to this house alone. I like the sound of JK Hansen voice a lot.
2. HuorrouH: Surfing to Jutlandia on a Toilet Seat… Funny words but a seriously cool sounding song. Reminds me of 90’s scene in Australia with bands like Tism, The Mavis and Regurgitator. Something to think about when doing your shit while surfing to Jutlandia.
3. HuorrouH: ‘Til The Sun Comes Up… One Of My Favourite part in this song is singing the Yeah Yeah Yeah Parts. Reminds me the lyrics to this song about staying up all night until the rise of the sun the sparrows first fart of the day. When birds start calling and singing.
4. HuorrouH: Thorns… Another catchy chorus song that will you singing WOOHOO or OOOOHHH HOOOOO. The 90’s sticking out like dogs balls on this track. Catchy would be good to see a band play this song with the crowd surfing to Jutlandia style.
5. HuorrouH :Friends With The Devil… Now the guitar in this song from the get go. Reminds me of something I would have been proud to make when I was a teenager. I loved Seattle Grunge back in the mid 90’s so I can really fit in with this music playing. The quality of these songs seem like someone in the Big Business should pick JK Hansen up and sell some Great music and do some shows. Would love to hear this how this music would sound live. Or if it is one man making it all some how its amazing what you can do at home these days.
6. HuorrouH: Song to a Fellow Witch Doctor… These intro to this track reminds me of another 90’s band From Australia Machine Gun Fellatio. The Voice and Accent I really like and the sound of JK Hansen voice reminds me of some of my Favourite music from Germany De/Vision but vocal only. This HuorrouH Is Great to listen to if you loved your 90’s get in touch with it all over again
7. HuorrouH: Fatal Woman… Can anyone else hear the Cure Robert Smith Singing this song in your imagination. 80’s synth with 80’s to 90’s dark pop music. All Been Catchy Hits so Far..
8. The Cursed Kid: Ode To a Soul… Lyrics flowing the honest truth in this track. I change from the 90’s stuff I was really enjoying. But this track has word for word truthful Rhymes coming at you. And The Chip tune part gives me flashbacks of those 80 90’s video games. Cool Stuff
9. The Cursed Kid: Osiris….. I really love a lyric line in this track lets see if I can pick it out while listening. “We Hear The Name Isis it use to be a name for an Egyptian goddess everything is not what it seems Greenland is Ice and Iceland is Green” Fuck yeah that line really hits it home but keep listening and you’ll find truth rhymes coming at ya.
10. HuorrouH: Truly Something…. Nice Weird Intro “Ghost Dance Around me It’s True truly Something” Something to get your goosebumps going while singing at the same time.
11. HuorrouH: Katinka…. Reminds me of playing some great video games that had all the cool soundtracks.
12. Little Brother Ft. Cloe: Keep On Trying…. Nice Duo I have to say. To think all this music has been from the underground people I get along with. To Hearts and Voices Share a beautiful song.
13. Little Brother: Ode TO Indigos (Lyrics by Thomas S. Olsen)…. Something that seems like a perfect gift to someone who writes words to but can’t make music. This song is probably made for a friend who wrote the words while his mate puts the words into music. I have had a ball listening to this album as I Write. And Thanks for reading. If you would like to support JK Hansen download the best of JK Hansen Best Of Free download

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