K. Fenrir – Cycles

Artist: K. Fenrir
Title: Cycles
Keywords: experimental dark ambientm drone experimental electronic minimal noise Eindhoven

Emptiness, long hallways full of it. It sounds like an empty place yet super full. A place where nothing is stored but air and dust, no thoughts are really allowed to get inside, yet thinking of the emptiness has always been a fair thing on my own mind. So by listening to this empty world of cycles I feel as if my own brain is ruining the experience, I can’t just stop he thoughts;

Is the emptiness alright? What does the emptiness feel? Does the emptiness like to be filled or does it enjoy itself the way it is?

I wondered and wandered for days in this emptiness, not knowing where Togo, where the exit had been or where the start was. I was in fact going in circles. So if you missed me, blame the emptiness of cycles as it really made my head crack in a continuous spin. I wanted to analyze it, to explore the alleyways and walls, to put my nose into the details of pure nothing…

But at the end all I could come up with was this very badly written write up that left as much to the imagination as the release itself did. Want to get lost in it yourself? Tune in:


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