David Liebe Hart meets Jad Fair and Jason Willett – For Everyone

Artists: David Liebe Hart , Jan Fair & Jason Willett
Title: For Everyone by David Liebe Hart meets Jad Fair and Jason Willett
Keywords: comedy electronic avant garde electropunk experimental novelty outsider pop tim & eric Los Angeles

When you have stumbled somehow on the enigma that is David Liebe Hart and his brand of colorful songwriting and the extraordinary way of him performing these songs, you might be just as hooked as intrigued. With his long career that covers the unbreakable grounds of a ventriloquist show for kids and adults on public access, big time television and his colorful set of YouTube presence, he gained new fans from all over the world wherever his art popped up to reach people’s hearts.

He is a true living art kind of persona, the real thing who collects model trains and goes on sold out world tours for enthusiastic audiences. He is the only one who can get away with a praising of vegimite, or who can sing about his lack of sex and turning it into a success. Now out of the blue, after the revelation of his heavy birth of a cartoon book drawn by a whole collection of people, he has returned to the medium that is called vinyl. (Also available as a untouchable digital format!)

For this specific return, the earth had given its most precious fruits of music; the legendary Jad Fair and the notorious Jason Willett. These two super stars take on the part of excellent music producing in order to make David’s vocal stories of pure surreal reality into a kind of warm loving trippy experience. The entire collection is not called ‘For Everyone’ for nothing, it truly feels like the ultimate gift that these fine artists could give to their loyal supporters, but also to the world and its newbies itself.

I could go and tell about all these historic precious songs and music individually, mention that the strong opener (Martin Lawrence’ feels like a dream that only wants to make everyone smile who hears it. I could type that the unconventional hallucinations of the music becomes instantly apparent when the album instantly drives itself into ‘i like Viviane Vance better than Lucille Ball which goes for a ballroom-like Hollywood tell all psychedelics song that feels as insider as a outsider could get.

I could note down that the music could make the most sober minded mind become blurry, freaked out with subjects in a way that hasn’t been covered in such lucid ways before. Just listen to our hero telling a signing story about his likeness towards Frankenstein, music wise it is a real swinger, intoxicating like a feverish fever and hot like a instant case of the flue: it’s the stuff to call in sick for just so you could stay home and play this on repeat.

I could write about Beatrice Arthur, I Love You’ which Is another love making attempt by David and friends, which sounds fairly passionate, almost licking her intimate parts (mind you: it’s all done with nothing but respect!) showing her a last goodbye with nothing but sincere passion and excellent music as the gracious gift.

I could type about another set of highlights on the album. One of them of is the notion of ‘I like Donald Duck better than Mickey Mouse’ a excellent one that hasa nice groove, a duck tale wiggle and a soulfulness to it that sounds ultimately real. It’s a love notion to this pants-less cartoon hero, placed highly on a pedal by these classy music heroes like no quacking other.

I could mention that ducks would be fairly pleased hearing this album as it keep the feathers happy with ‘Ducks’ asong that had lots of ducks quaking within it. It’s here that David Liebe Hart announced the love for them ducklings, explains the intimate acts that ducks do and how much he loves them for their romantic habits. It’s the songs that will make you want to go to the local pool in the park and really observe these ducklings and their romantically engagements among each other.

It’s like a case of sneaked in education and a token to go out and enjoy nature with a brand new set of mind. While you at it, also notice the water lilies and how they give oxygen to the lake, making it also a watery case of romanticism again. I could write all that… or note how crucially important the message is in ‘my bisexual friend’ for any listener that it reaches, or how good the must hear music is & what a thematic wonderful case of togetherness this album is… but I won’t say a thing! I don’t mention or pen up anything at all, as with such a statement and a record that stands strong like a house, you should just get it ‘blindly’, uninformed and totally blue and hear this all as it’s a gift from the gods!

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