Diamondstein & Sangam – The Ocean Between Us

Artist: Diamondstein & Sangam
Title: The Ocean Between Us
Keywords: electronic synth ambient beats electronica found sound indie rock krautrock psychedelic synth Los Angeles
Label: Doomtrip

This album settles in like a rainy day while sitting warmly under a attics window. It’s dreamy and cozy, lounged out with a bubbling bass and a sensational touch of pure groovy kindness. It’s a reason to stay inside, trip away on kind petite touches of melodic repetitions that pass by in circles, fly around like small particles of love; making you feel all safe and well from the core of your refreshed inner being. It’s a circulating hypnotic sensation that the music will give you, better than a warm heather or a highly praised indoor fire could provide.

Passage Spear’ brings more of this warmth to the ears, lounging its way to your sensible senses with a ultimate intimate touch of love and care. It’s going by so quickly, but it’s audio vibes will stay around like a well perfumed flower that hangs around for a righteous atmosphere.
It made the road clear for the goodness that is ‘Orbital’, which brings the fine synthetic synth sounds out like a pleasant hug, a relaxing full body massage while letting your outmost favorite cocktail slip into your human system. The bald baseline, sliding around like a slow motion dreamy rollercoaster and the supporting rhythmic twinkling touch gives it a revitalizing glow that seems to make you feel almost brand new like a new born.

It’s like a elevated new age kind of album, something that keeps the stigma of massage oils, of drops of nice flower smells boiling above candlelights. It’s missing the voice of the masseur to tell you where your mind is traveling towards, yet the music itself is so dense and thoughtfully executed that the ‘journey in to the unknown is a trip that speaks volumes on its very own. Just relax and. Lose your eyes and you’ll be traveling to gorgeous futuristic nature places that haven’t been touched by factories and trampled on by muddy feet.

The futuristic essence is especially shown when the album seems to go into the zone of ‘finding peace where there isn’t. It’s here that the lushness of technology is going hand in hand with feisty (I presume) hand played electronic beats and a orgasmic delight of stereophonic melodic ear orgasms. It’s lifting a low lying person up, floating into the sky carried with the touch of robotic angels high above your own occupied mind. It’s a elevating experience that gets rewarded with a soothing ‘burgundy’.

Here the tempo goes into a much slower pace, keeping the ears pulled through the cozy music room by sensitive snails whose slime leaves you intoxicatedly intrigued. Everything becomes a play of warm and wet, of light and shadow, of a sentimental sadness and happiness. The deep touch of the senses is being also played out in ‘the price of failure’ which feels like a nightly drive through city recordings, half empty rainy streets and dimmed neon adverts glowing up the darkness. The emotionally ‘singing’ of synths are like deferment whales that can’t be taken down, floating around elegantly in the sky while a cool straightforward beat keeps them suspended in some kind of battle against gravity. The music scenery stays in the city, although the north of it. Here things are much more at ease, less hectic, people drive slower, road workers fixing things at their own time and pace & the flow of a rising sun seems to give every aspect that golden glow that the heart always seems to positively respond on. It’s a case of audio love dressed in music, calm and Devine, dressing the city up in the emperor’s clothes of sheer beauty.

The album takes a sad detective kind of directive with ‘Tinker’ which is as beautiful as it is tearjerker. It feels as if we are deep inside the brain of a person that tries hopelessly to put all the clues together, boggling the mind with facts and hints while supportive emotions touch upon the low and the high of the hunches towards making sense of it all. Music that comes out like a dense emotional puzzle that is in progress, at the brink of being solved and still doubting that it’s ever going to happen. The dramatized elements gets underlined with the last track on the album which title says it all ‘here is where I sit’. It leaves us and itself hanging, making the most out of the fact of being clueless, settling with a gorgeous sounding ambient album that travels from the safety of a person’s attic, to massage parlor towards shimmery wet city zones all the way into the brainy affairs of a troubled detective with too many questions on its mind to solve. It’s not something that feels like it’s made to be backdrop music, but more like a adventure that soothes the thought that we are all searching for something and sometimes that there are no answers, just accept, go with the flow, make the most out of it, enjoy and slip away with these shared emotions that this album feeds you:

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