theo krantz – wednesday two

artist: theo krantz
title: wednesday two
tags: devotional, experimental, anxiety, crying, hypnosis, laugh, peace, subconscious, tape collage, weirdo, Santa Fe

Been a little quiet. Don’t know where the people have gone. Hope they’re well. In the meantime, here is this. Soothe something. Maybe. I don’t fucking know.

Was just browsing through the request page. Found this. Glad I did. Things are in that phase of the cycle. The sad times cycle. The things seem pretty useless and no amount of work will get things done cycle. But anyways, here comes the music.*

And by that I mean go for a walk, smoke some cigs, and then comes the music


(note: I haven’t left yet but I just found out there’s a whole video for this here fangled fuckin thang. imma have to watch it when i come back. if i ever actually leave that is)

(further note: it’s been a few days since then)

I am trying to write words but they’re not really coming out. Everything is sort of off and to the left. The writing instruments are as these vocal explorations explore into the background and into my brain.

Ouch, my finger hurts. We’re already at track 3. A blaring pace. Indeed, one such pace set that could not ever be picked up upon by the regular travellers by.

It’s all so subdued and so strecthed and so familiarly barren but full. It feels like home really. Whatever my home actually is.

I almost cry every time friend comes on. It’s got just the right stuff to say hey I’m here and we’re going to get the waterworks flowing. It just feels like something not so great has gone down but the fond memories are there.

Glimpses into another world as we proceed on. That’s the scariest bird I’ve ever seen. Came out of nowhere. It sticks around. I just…it’s making it’s presence felt and I don’t know if I’m ready for all this digital freedom flapping in my face. I try to look away, at the koi but the music forces my eyes onto that damned bird. It’s inescapable. A cosmic force.

Bobbing along and popping up for air every once in a while. On this wheel of ventilation. Ah this is called looking at rings. Well my rings are moving and are probably not very real at all. Imagined, one might call them. Then they shatter and seize into the grits. Them grits. And that applause. Oh, what a joy.

Olive. Who is talking. Who are we blessed to hear speak? I have not a clue but we’re able to hear their prowess over the spoken language for a time. That’s the way to be. Point blank in the face of obvious subversion. Can see it creeping on the horizon there, just waiting, mocking almost, as if it knows it’ll never be fully revealed.

Voices flitter about abandoned chords and plucks into the artificial atmosphere. Always talking about what They want. I apologize. These tones are plucking away at my soul and I was to have something a bit more heartwarming at the moment. Excuse me.

You ever get that feeling that the air inside is just as fresh as the air outside? And it takes on the same tinge and feel to it too, so you know it’s real. Perhaps not, but such a feeling does exist.


And it’s been many days since that romp. Let’s just summarize this with a ‘it transports you into that realm where things are significant even though they aren’t goodness vibe.’

Pick it up here:

Here’s the video shenanigans as well:

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