Machine Girl – The Ugly Art


artist: Machine Girl
title: The Ugly Art
label: Kitty On Fire Records
tags: drum & bass, electronic, breakcore, cybergrind, juke, jungle, neo-noise, nintendocore, post-cybergrind

So, I’m definitely late to this party. I knew about this a while ago and fell in love with it a while ago too but I have been lacking in the ultra high energy that this release puts out and therefore felt I wouldn’t be able to do it justice. But then I remembered I never do anything justice, so let’s just mess this whole fucking thing up once again.

Unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Such intensity. I have probably used the term ‘sonic assault’ before, but that’s what this is. What it starts up and what it maintains is a campaign of blissful destruction, never wavering. Incessant. Please, harder daddy.

Even in the beginning, when you hear some sweet melancholic tunes it sidesteps back into the trademark machine, the machine that is girl and before you know it your body starts thrashing whilst also strangely dancing. It’s such an odd mix but it’s pulled off so well. Then it turns into straight robot rave. Which is my favorite kind of rave.

Each song is a bit of a journey too. Before you know it different melodies start kicking in and if you haven’t been paying attention or if this is the first time or first time in a while you’ve been listening to this release, you’d swear that there were 3 or 4 songs in one.

Status. One of my favorite tracks on this release. Makes me want to surrender and feel all sorts of teeth digging into my flesh as mine slip through my lips. Seriously, it’s just auditory orgasm after orgasm with this shit.  Pulsing, broken, limp, unf unf unf phew.

And I’m skipping ahead to Congratulations. Because it’s hands down my favorite track. I don’t know why but it’s got what I call a shutter synth because it reminds me of a camera aperture opening/closing/camera sounds. It’s probably one of the poppier tracks but it’s like not? So, it’s funny? I don’t know it’s good and awesome. Congratulations for making it through that paragraph.

As we continue on our journey where no pore is left unfilled, we get all sorts of slight switch ups, returns to the same and then different shit. It’s one of those hallmark things of a fantastic artist that I keep touting. Different but still them. Fuck Your Guns. Mmm. Sorry, lost my train of thought there.

And since the train is lost, why bother trying to find it? Join me and many denizens of the interwebs and get your copy today, or tomorrow or well whatever time frame you see fit just be sure you get this

no seriously

get it

i’ll suck your dick/clit/sex appendage (although really I shouldn’t have to because it’s so dang ol good)

  • <Caffeinate>


Did I mention that the album art is great? Like, it’s neat. It’s got edges but then it’s got that smorgasbord of dogs on it. Are dogs ugly? Is the art itself ugly? Is the artist ugly and therefore their art ugly? Is art ugly in general? These and many more completely useless questions to be asked.

I’m supposed to be done with this aren’t I? Well, I’m just sitting here letting A Decent Man wash over me. Got lost a little while ago. Going to get lost again in this outro. Get lost with me. Yeah, that’s it. Oh man, just when I thought we couldn’t get back into the Machine Girl vibe, they bring it back within the last few minutes. An excellent work. Beyond excellent. Masterfully crafted to say the least.

Here, in these closing moments I’m going to confess something. Yes, it’s something I’ve been holding back for a while. So like, Kitty On Fire Records is awesome. A fantastic label. I just, I don’t know I feel so outside the scene, like some filthy outsider that can’t possibly hold ‘true appreciation.’ I mean, I’m gonna keep on listening anyways but I just wanted to let loose that fear and worry and thought. Good nigh and good morning and good afternoon und guten tag y buenos dias.

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