Melinda & Maciek – Jazz Frit


artist(s):  Melinda & Maciek
title: Jazz Frit
Label: La bèl
pop, acoustic, chillout, contemporary, electronica, experimental, folk, fusion, instrumental, jazz, prog, Italy

There I was, draped across my chair in nothing but undergarments, fantasizing about the sweet cleansing water that would hopefully soon be emanating from my shower head when I felt a presence. I couldn’t quite place it but it’s whispers grew louder and louder.
A familiar ‘suck‘ began to take shape. I knew what I had to do. And so, I dived into the Book of Faces.

What greeted me, I cannot say. Except I can. It was La bèl! I always make time for La bèl! I have not the faintest clue why, but it is just one of those things.

(As an aside, I am doing my best to make it to the shower before writing this thing, but I became distracted by a very tempting Danish pastry and have now returned to my seat. Oh, woe is me. I then regained the strength to take a shower but not before I fell victim to some Butter Pecan ice cream.)


It has been many a day since this was made. The Butter Pecan and the Danish pastry have been demolished. I must shower yet again but the Polyester theme on repeat is keeping me riveted to my seat. Time to bust the drill out and force myself up and out into the wild wet wonders of a semi overhead faucet.

For, tonight is the tonight! For fabulous frit! For romps and raving reviews! And the only thing holding me back is my own vague interest and tired eyes.


Alright! No more fucking excuses! It’s 8:17 (or uh 20:17 for you 24 hr clock folk) and I’m going to take SEVERAL GULPS of cold brew coffee. It’s cheap so that’s why I get it for the home front. BOTTOMS UP BITCHES>

So, first fatal or grave error has been made. This is some easier listening and I’m all balls to the wall. I’m showing my chair the time of it’s rockin life and while it is a fun journey so far I feel like I am chasing something I will never truly attain. Perfect timing then as the title of this track comes to the attention of my feeble brain. That title being The Chase. JAZZ FRIT IS OFF TO THE RAVES RIGHT NOW. I meant to type races but I put raves instead so deal with it. Oh god, all these typos. (You can’t see them but trust me about every other word has been botched, it’s an embarrassment really)

All I know is that whatever is at the end of The Chase better watch out because I have this whole swagger going on that won’t leave the target left with much at all. I’m going to be all “HA! GOTCHA SHITSTICK!” and then slap em. Only once though. Maybe more if they talk back. (Frrrraaaaaaannnnnnncccciiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnneeeeeeee)

Hoo boy. A shake of the head and a desperate hope for things to calm down as the veins in my head pulse vibrantly. The outro to The Chase was rather hypnotic by the way. Probably my favorite part of the whole thing.

WHOA. WHOA. WHOA. What did he say? No idea. I know very few languages. Even then the other ones I am slightly aware of there is only a partial knowledge. Hot damn. Smooth. Zawsze. Apparently Polish for always. I’m doing all these smooth dance moves in my chair. I don’t know if it’s appreciating all this lovin and good time but I sure hope so. I feel like I need some sunglasses and a beret to fully enjoy this track. I’m gesturing aimlessly in the air. I’m trying to send a message to the people that aren’t watching. This is some cool stuff I’m saying. Maybe. Or maybe I’m saying this track is too cool for school. The School of Cool. Yeah.

Wow. I was just thinking that one of the gifts life gave me was the ability to persist. Strangely enough, Persistence is the title of this song. I. Yeah, nah I swear to all of you putting your eyes upon this text that I had not looked at the title. It is an eerie coincidence. This is a fun track. It all just rolls into the next and makes you puff out your chest. Ok, maybe it makes some people puff out their chest. I didn’t but I tried. Then I decided against it before full puff was achieved. Too. Much. Coffee. I shouldn’t have done that.

The Quick Turn turned so quickly that it was already beyond the middle of the song when I realized we were at the final track. Wow.

Good times


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