YIKIS – Roulette #X7X4

Dear YIKIS readers,

It is of utmost importance that I level with thee, the objects of my affection, about what is going to transpire here. I have been calling it roulette. There is a random aspect, in that where in the request list I start is well, rather arbitrary. I cannot help this. It adds to the fun. You may call it clearing the backlog, and you wouldn’t be wrong. However, roulette adds a bit more amusement to the mix. And just for you all, I downed an energy drink 4 hours ago just so I would have the energy to pull this off. Without further ado, let’s get cracking.

In space, no one can hear you suck.

But first! I shall shower and perhaps go for a brief walk to stretch my sac and get the writing juices a flowing. Fuck, that remind me that I left my story outline at work. Oh well, I recall what it was all about. Anyways, see you all. In. The. Future. 

artist: Clovvder
title: Traits
tags: dark ambient, electronic, experimental, ambient, drone, industrial noise, post-industrial, Montevideo

Before I even take that shower, I’ve already begun. This establishes me as a liar. So then what all can we be sure is the truth? Nobody knows. Better spin that wheel and hope you hit your number and your color. No guarantees though. Just take that chance. Meanwhile, if you don’t want to take a chance on the first in line, then honey Clovvder is still free with an EP. It’s called Traits. You know, in case you couldn’t glean that information from that oh so convenient header there.

 You know, I was planning on being silly and callous with these but the tones that Clovvder starts off with are delicious. Hydrophilia is interesting. That being said I have little patience for ambient and drone nowadays, so we’re off to the next.

Solipsismo is another fun title, and it’s filled with all sorts of wonderful dark and wafting tones but I want something a little more uplifting. Well made though, for sure. Oh shit, vocals. Disembodied ones too. Cray cray.


artist: Danta
title: Páramos
tags: alternative, electronic, latin rock, cumbia folk, krautrock, post-rock, shoegaze, Medellín

So, it starts off all ambienty and I start thinking that I really hit the jackpot with my random selections of yesteryear. Then some minutes in Danta brings in the post-rock shoegaze. Wahoo. Makes me want to sway my head back and forth a bit. I did but it didn’t feel right for the moment.

Some solid tones and some late night easy listening. Definitely check it out if you are a bit tired of mostly electronic stuffs. Lots of reverb on the vocals. This is becoming quickly a quick objective review type thing. It’s not the fault of the artist, I guess I’m just not vibing well with sounds at the moment.


artist: Ray Kosmische
title: Laugh Riot at the Sock Hop
tags: ambient, crane house records, psychedelic, roots, soundscape, Nottingham
label: Crane House Records (is this even a label? I don’t know. I couldn’t find a site)

Strangely charming tunes. Minimalist rock. Touches of an older vibe. Also a wopping 20 tracks. Wowza. Some tracks I’m drawn to, others I’m not. It’s hitting some good spots though. The moods change from time to time.

I definitely see where the psychedelia comes in for sure. Some soundscapes too. Oh crap, that objectivity and lack of enjoyment again. Sorry, folks.

What I can definitely say though is that this reminds me of the time where my elementary school kept on putting on a sock hop and somebody always gave the answer of you take off your shoes and hop. I don’t agree with that sentiment but hey if that’s what it all comes down to, then so be it.


artist: Nac/Hut Report
title: Grey Zone Collapse Nostalgia
tags: cracow, experimental, krakow, avant-garde, musique concrete, noise, noise pop, weird, weird noise, Kraków
label: Crunchy Human Children

Down In That Well is a wonderfully charming track. I don’t even know how to properly describe it but it is a surprise, and a good one.

That same quirkiness is present throughout the entire release. Interesting combinations and such.


artist: Endless Chasms
title: We Cannot Keep This A Secret Any Longer
tags: experimental, kansas, ambient, drone, endless chasm, harsh drone, industrial, kansas, minimal noise, wichita ks, Leavenworth
label: https://bigpharmarecords.bandcamp.com

Holy fuck. This is triggering some sort of weird journey response in my brain. Oh god. What is Big Pharma doing to me now? I knew I shouldn’t have trusted something that named itself after the wonderful pharmaceutical industry. This shit makes me feel like someone or rather some thing is after me.

Future Events Will Affect Me In The Future?!? No shit, but it’s this matter of fact statement, stated so plainly against the background of this aggression that’s really phucking me up (haha get it I put ph because ya know pharma hahaha ha ha ha)

Starts peaceful and ambient? What the hell kind of existence must one have to not feel the sinister from the get go? There is nothing inviting about any of this and that’s why I want to go in deeper. And I thought I needed dissociatives tonight to get into a strange state of mind. Jeeeeeeesssssuuuusssss. I didn’t take any by the way.

I feel like I went through this is reverse. The longer I stayed in the more peaceful it got and the gripping beginnings gave way to meandering thoughts into going eh at the end. It started wonderfully though.


artist: Sascha Müller
title: Dub-Gun
tags: acid, ambient, cassette, dub, dub techno, electronic, house, sascha müller, tape, techno, deeptechno, Germany

Is that Sascha? Is he holding a gun? COULD IT BE A DUB GUN?!?!
Mein Gott. Das ist unglaublich.

Fun time, boiled down dub for the late night techno fix. Expertly crafted as always. I recall seeing the name Sascha Müller many many years ago when I first started out as some noise electro artist, heavily using to drugs, and all sorts of bad things. Oh how times have changed. But, back to more important things, hey there is music and it’s not like your a typical dub techno. Woo. And it travels all across into some pretty fun shit, if I do say so myself.

Yeah, I could make all sorts of fire arm analogies and be all oooo this track is like this firearm and that firearm but really, do we have the time for all that silliness? The answer is yes, but it’s still not going to happen SO HA!


artist: Railroad Forests
title: A Short Demo
tags: folk, Boston

That violin is well, certainly something. Cheesy, almost. Like a half formed cheese.

Then we get a very VERY soft piano. The tone changes and the lack of cacophony from the first track is unsettling to say the least. I’m all over the place and then expected to stay still. Crazy.

Depressionlands. The violin returns! A much more sombre tune it plays. Well call me Sebastian and spit on my grave conveniently shaped like a recepticle, the first track is called The Jitters. It all comes together way too late. For me that is. No hope for me to be salvaged really. You can try if you’d like but that’s a massive undertaking.


artists: Eris and Dysnomia
title: Ra
tags: ambient, dark, ambient, electronic, experimental, new age, sound art, space music, Aukra

I’m down with Egyptology. The mythos is rather interesting. Back when I was a wee youth, barely 12 years of age, I thought I had read all the legends, etc. and felt I had a pretty good understanding. Some 15 years later and I came to realize that whatever I had read was barely anything and in fact I’m not even sure what it was I actually gleaned other than the whole scales and the feather in the afterlife cuz there is some pretty cool dealings with the stories and what not.

Notice, how I’m writing about that rather than whatever is going on in terms of music playing. It might be a coincidence. It might be related to that whole lack of patience thing I mentioned. The world may never know, if they never look.

That all being said, well, actually I have nothing else to say. It inspires some mysterious moods. Wahoo.

Oh shit, it’s G M Slater. This makes some sense as to the feeling of familiarity. It is no Occurrences in Rain though.

Here’s a fun meta tid bit. Running through quite a few of these, I recall taking a listen to quite a few of them, and more than likely quite soon after I sent it. I told you that some slip through the cracks. I tried to warn you…


artist: push against new fakes
title: Be Kind
tags: electronic, idm, deep electro, electronica, experimental, electronic, minimal, minimal techno, Sermide

Got some dub vibes to start off with. Chkka chkka chkka. Bit more on the techno side. Specially them drums. Ah…yes the tags are appropriate the deep electro starts coming in I see.

Light. It be. I don’t know what I want anymore. Too soothing. Is that even a thing? Well, I suppose if you want to be agitated then yes it can be. Production quality is good. This is quickly devolving into some form of I don’t know what. The roulette wheel. It spins when we need to stop spinning, and soon we lose all control and go into the ether of some what some how some thing some form of unnecessary spacing and the whole thing flips over in on itself and wahhhhhhhhh.

Good times.


artist: NO END
title: SCANS Vol. 3
tags: ambient, atmospheric, dark ambient, drone, industrial noise, Hamilton

15 minutes of DRONE DRONE DRONE


artist: Gabriel Graves
title: Key To the Kingdom
tags: rock, acoustic, art rock, bedroom recordings, indie, folk, lo-fi, singer, songwriter, Bucharest

What. In. The. World. I’m sorry. The premise is just. I don’t know. A blind man healing the spirits of those that have committed suicide? Wait, but by doing so he has doomed a village to destruction and he is trying to warn them?

What a story. What would happen if he didn’t heal them? Would things have been ok? And can a spirit partially be at peace? I need more world building here.

Call me a dick, but this blind dude totally fucked up. Like come on, what happened? Sometimes you have to think about the greater repercussions especially if you’re deciding to delve into the realm of death. Necromancers got that shit right, this dude should have done his research. Get some tomes on brail or some shit. I’m sure they fucking exist. Better yet, ask a spirit. See if what you’re doing is bad. Maybe it wasn’t totally his fault. Maybe they’re like the Pah wraiths and they just deceived him into thinking he was doing good. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt this time but word of advice to everyone else, get your death magic down solid before you get down to the get down. Art rock? More like the art of rockin an entire settlement out of their homes.


artist: The You and What Army Faction
title: Rite
tags: experimental, nowave, post punk, noise rock, post-punk, Αθήνα

I totally remember this one. I remember really liking their band name. It’s neat. Neat cover too.

Production quality is up there. I’m not digging the “I’m tired and saying the lyrics” mode but hey that’s me. Too subdued. For my tastes anyways. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ahhhh. *yawn* Well, it be what it be sometimes. And this be music here. You can listen to it. I wonder if it’s obvious when the descent started to occur. I’m sure it will probably be fairly obvious.


Fark. I got tired. Well, it was bound to happen. So let’s just end it. Here. I’ll leave you with this pearl of wisdom though. Sometimes, things move past the attention spans, and some times that can be well a good thing. You know? Like, maybe it was meant to be. But I can’t really say that for sure. Some days, you hate a release, then the next time you come across it, it’s suddenly within your taste periscope. You know the one. You have it on your flavor submarine. The one you take out on Sundays, as a treat to the family. The ghost family. It’s a ghost flavor sub. You don’t even have taste buds. Oh,.it was gloomy post punk. Of course, and all the post punks sound subdued. The exact same way, every time they open their mouths to speak. My bad. Guess this whole fornication thing is beyond the scope of my head. Did I ever mention that keyboard shortcuts are a savior?


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