various artists – question Mark Volume 1

Artists: various
Title: Question Mark Volume 1
Keywords: experimental, Perth
Label: dog park

Hello and welcome at another episode of the questionable source of all your ear candies. Today we sit down with nobody less than Mark, a dubious fictional character who is willing to be questioned for your entertainment. Why is that you might ask? Well, why not? It’s pretty nice of Mark, so let’s give him a kind hearted lukewarm applause!

“Insert lukewarm applause over here”

So, First question first; what do you think of the latest compilation possibly made in your honor? out on the famous dog park records?

Mark: it’s pretty questionable.. but than again it really seems to leave a mark on my reputation?A good mark as well, so yes I’m quite happy with it? I guess?

Are you going to sue the label or the artists to use your name?

Mark: oh, no! It’s a honor to be musically celebrated? Especially by this bunch of weirdoes? Are they weirdoes? They really seem to have honored me or got inspired by me & what can I say? It’s good for my ego?

So, okay… hmm. Would it be rude for you to take a step by step listen and comment something along the way?


You know.. you listen to one track and than you just say something about it?

Mark: yes, I think I can do that? Not sure? But I can give it a try?

So let’s take a listen to the openings track by HARAAM named ‘security’. What does it do to you? Hoe does it make you feel?

Mark: it is a master piece? it evokes so many questions? Questions like what is my customized customer number? How do I end up in a mad rollercoaster ride? Are there any humans that are willing to talk to me? How many loops has this thing?

Pfew, Mark. that’s quite a lot of questions…

Mark: yes, the more questionable content the better? Right?

What are your thoughts on the question mark music by a certain Toxic Chicken?

Mark: Questionable music indeed. It makes me question myself and my abilities to analyze things? If this song is about me, what on earth I must be for confusing character?

I don’t really get what you mean, Mark. But hats off for taking the time to comment. How are your thoughts of The Doll’s ten?

Mark: I have so many questions that I simply can’t think of something? Why does it go by so quickly? What am I hearing? Ten? The Doll? Obviously I’m in love with it! I love Dolls don’t I? Especially the questionable ones?

Okay, but what about the Paul Kidney Experience and the work named Heaven’s Gate?

Mark: is this all a dream? Is this how they portray me? Did someone exchanged my brain for a baked bean? The music is like being inside a washing machine with no clothes but music inside, tumbling around in circles for a nice wishy washy session.. right?

I don’t know Mark. You are the expert?

Mark: am I?

What do you think of the Paranoiacally Assumed Sound Tunnel by Total E.T. ?

Mark: is this music? It’s like an experience, right? All is so dense and fluffy, it’s as if it’s done by an extremely talented extraterrestrial that wanted to honor me with its own space adventure? It really tickles my fancy?

Does it tickle your fancy, Mark?

Mark: I guess so?

Good, what about Bricksaws55 by Tobacco Rat? Any thoughts on that, Mark?

Mark: only questions!? Who is this Tobacco Rat? Where does this moody beautiful music come from? Which Rat tunnel can I visit to pay it some respect and donate some of my homegrown Tobacco? The music is the place to be.. like wandering around in someone kitchen department with the sound environment of a abounded church? Does that make any sense?

Probably not. But that’s okay. What about Anthony Coolry’s YURI?

Mark: what about it?

Your thoughts?

I was wondering how this would effect my health? The flubber sounds are as if someone kind is drilling a nice hole in my mind.. making lots of questions fly out through that hole, which I might probably need later on? But it’s okay, can still stick it with a piece of paper and glue? Also it’s not a painful session, it’s very loving and caring.. right?

I don’t know Mark, I’ refrain from any opinion. I just ask questions… like uhh what are your thoughts on Samarobryn’s First Night?

Mark: it’s awesome, no doubt about it? I wonder what it is exactly, perhaps a saw in jungle played while being under suspicious circumstances? Maybe a machine that has come to live a life among the forest creatures? Perhaps birds that have started a noise project? In any case it’s creating enough questions to fill up m head again.. at least I think it does?

That’s cool, Mark?

Mark: nah, I thought it was rather warm?

Okay, what about Frostcock?

Mark: yes, that must be cool indeed. No question about it!

What do you think of Frostcock’s Total Cognitive Prolapse?

Mark: beautiful.. if that’s the right way to approach it? I like the folkish steamboat vibe, the melody and strangeness? The I have no idea what it is, but I like it kind of vibe?

Oh, nice. Thank you Mark for attempting to answer my questions?

Mark: no worries? I do it with pleasure?

What’s next? Oh yes, Furchick. What do you think of I want to know by Furchick?

Mark: what do you want to know about it?

What your thoughts are?

Mark: About what?

About ‘I want to know’ you Furchick .

Many thoughts: like what’s happening with her life? What will happen next? What will happen within my life? Will there be more compilations in my honor? More of these questions by you and more stuff to explore and hear? When will the world end? When does it all start?

It’s all a big question, mark.

Mark: what is?


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