Colgotha Communications Ltd – Those who can do those who can’t, dj

What a beautiful colorful cover!

Artist: Colgotha Communications Ltd
Title: Those who can do those who can’t, dj
Keywords: expermental acid techno ambient ambient techno beats dark ambient drone folk glitch glitch-hop idm indietronica lobit plunderphonics power electronics woo Panama City
Label: SPnet

Help! S.o.s. I’m trying to communicate with you but I forgot how to do it… it’s good that most music speaks for itself & with that in mind I would purely suggest to dig into this interesting album by Colgotha Communications Ltd out on the legendary SPNet. We dig it and dug it & now have harked it up for a special occasion. Which is? Ah yes the not so splendid occasion of the owner of SPnet having lost his house thanks to a hurricane innocently named Micheal. His family has all been displaced but to see it on the bright side; nobody has been flown away! We might not be able to instantly help building a new house etc, but listening to these tunes on the label and maybe donating a bit in thankfulness for the existence of them could be a nice thing to do.

Let us dig in this specific album cause it’s too good to be ignored, to great to be avoided, to skippy to be skipped! It starts with ‘Leave it at the front’ which will not be left at the front, as I brought it to both sides of my head and forcibly fed it to both my ears. The right and the left one to be precise, making the sound of the track meet somewhere in the middle for a nice get together kind of moment. How nice, you might want to do the same… so highly recommended!

With the African Traffic in my head, It suddenly became a lot more fancy and danceable. Never thought that the traffic in Africa would sound so deliciously groovy, but there you go! Thanks to the art of certain artists, things just gets better by proving prejudicial ideas absolutely wrong.

Even the action of sitting and spinning gets a much nicer meaning when it’s provided by Golgotha Communications Ltd. it’s like turning around while wearing a shiny tracksuit at your bottom, making the movement go flexibly easy and much less sickening than a ride in a old fashioned spinning wheel.

Than there is this moment that I saw him putting mascara on, it’s the coolest thing in audio form, it seriously becomes like something as epic as a funky monkey stealing lollipops from children in the parks. It’s a zone in which we feel like clapping along in encouraging ways, exposing our slinky behinds as the rhythm dictates the way we should move it around to avoid the pain of possible musical happy spankings.

Listening to S Mugabe Splinter is something that makes me feel like waking up somewhere while being too drunk, it’s probably in the companionship of Belgium inhabitants… imagine.. waking up completely out of it with chatty Belgian people around you; a special yet terrifying experience.

We just laughed at him’ is one of those coolio works out there, something that makes you feel tough, sedated on Xanax while not being able to give a f*ck. This is music for hurricane survivors that go out on a warrior hunt for new roofs, missing cats and helping out friends like some kind of enigmatic homeless terminator made out of scrap: I’ll be back! And so is our house!

The album goes in for a bit of rotating material, something that makes me think of going to the playground for a quick visit. It’s all wet from children snot, but the slimy bits do make the rotation move go extremely smooth! Out back is a dumpster, also can been felt in the bones as a rhythmic goody, perfect as a soundtrack to go dumpster diving and find useful things to build something new out of garbage. It makes it into something that could only be described as a party for carefree junk yard junkies that got the groove deeply stored within their flesh and bones.

The third one I’ve seen tonight just seems to shimmer around a bit, but when my ears spot the huge bra in the middle of the dance floor’ I can only say that the atmosphere is right, the lights smoothly dimmed, and the zombies that are dancing around it feel very satisfying. What also feels satisfying is going to the men’s room with fingernails like Freddy Kruger scratching the surfaces while swiftly peeping around to see some lonely males taking a leak. You can hear the bath tiles, the pools of urine on the floor and even smell the odor; the joys of experimental music have never been so visual!

Last but certainly not least is the moment with the electrical fire. It goes a bit fuzzy, loopy, chewy; in fact it keeps it that way until it burns out the unexpected album in a kind way. It’s a vague one, with concrete beats, cool rhythms, atmospheric adventures and a attitude that makes you feel as if you are a immortal listener. No badness can come from this! So do listen, for yourself, for the homeless honor, feel very free to donate your black money as it will be used lovingly.. but whatever you do, do get through this excellent album!

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