Furchick – Race Against Time

Artist: Furchick
Title: Race Against Time
Keywords: experimental perth blurred & obscured broadcast cassingle improvisation noise wfmu London
Label: dubbed tapes

Sometimes we have to hurry up the presses of our little (but sucky) news outlet quite a bit, especially when there is a release out that is so hot, you might burn your fingers with it! That’s the case with the latest cassette single out on dubbed tapes. It’s one by Furchick and she delivers here a slick ‘race against time’ with music that sounds as if she had recorded the time between time and space & turned it all upside down with electronic devices and her legendary kind of chicken trickery.

There are two imaginary images popping into my mind when experiencing this soundscape, one of that special toy that could walk down the stairs all by itself and that other toy that spins around when you pull in and pull out the handle in a rapid way. Both toys I do not know the English words for, neither do I feel my luck to go out and google them, but instead get this tape and let it project these toys in your head too. If it happened to me, why should it not work for you? But why particularly these toys? Well, they must have been hanging out in that special zone between time and space.. otherwise it’s just impossible to explain!

But if you have nothing with these kind of toys, you still shouldn’t mis out on this race against time, as otherwise you might as well just stand still and do nothing; a bit Like a mammoth trapped in ice… who wants to be that? Even the mammoth itself would rather be free, pleasantly aging among his other ice age friends. All this nonsensical info aside, the cassette is probably going out rather quickly, so it’s best to join the race against time and get one of these special Furchick releases before they all have disappeared in someone else their possession! The horror! You must have this, so jump in to this link and order it even quicker!

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