Dino Felipe – Half Balloon

Artist: Dino Felipe
Title: Half Balloon
Keywords: electroacoutics experimental rock soundtrack music ambient ambient electronic experimental electronic synthpop United States

It’s a art to be alive and live it to the fullest maximum, but dying… that’s a completely different art on its own account. Dino knows this and seems to haven taken its generous time and energy to provide his own art to the already artistic phenomenon. I listened it through the headphones, half in bed, half out of bed; after a long day of reckless self poisoning just to feel that art form of slightly dying brain cells in all the right ways to go along with the unpretentious music.

Dino brings a kind soft audio collage that goes along with different inner and outer discoveries of the beautiful dying process, its (I presume) the ideal work to hear when you are pushing your last pieces of oxygen through your mouth. But to be fair, even for the non dying crowd that just uses their cozy beds for sleeping purposes and not as a deathbed, this piece of accompanying art in music form is also excellent material to dig deeply in. It doesn’t sound like you have to be busy digging a hole in the ground for a future grave either, its more a case that Dino takes you on a kind trip of a surpassing life time. One in which you can see that famous movie of all that you had done and have done in your life, passing by in the cinema of your very own mind. But normally those kind of movies (as if I know.. frequent dying person that I am) go by rather quickly, but thanks to the soundtrack of mister Felipe it is taking its time, spreading it out under a glorious glow of light and a bed sheet full of compassion.

Music wise you could hear a lot of things, but as this is all going in so smoothly, making it mostly a lengthy warm woolen sweater of sound. But don’t let you get fooled by this producer, as when you are all used to this case of comfort he adds exciting thrills to the ride, something that is hard to describe yet is easily touched upon in the feeling compartment. It seems to have three different chapters, from
one that gives the Feeling of contempt to a slight realization of what is going on, to finally finding a final peace in the ending of it all.

But let me get this straight, this music can be found on the album titled ‘half balloon’ and isn’t the only electroacoustic work on there. There are two more, ones that even though all had been made in a different year they all seem to have made in similar mindset. How do we know that? Because they flow easily together, they sit next to each other as if they had been best buddies for generations to come. ‘Invoke’ is one of them, spiritually guiding our ears through a specific psychedelic wandering that feels ultra modern yet seems to carry ancient Indian mystics in sound. It’s here that we can shimmer in warmth, listen to the burning of incense and yoga positions of levitating masters of the art. Half way we get a vision; something that hangs between the scenery of a submarine and a steamboat, fancy lights on the control desk flashing up before melting back together in the whirlwind of zen like meditation.

The last one of them fitting buddies is ‘Memoria’ , this one has conquered the art of twinkling sensations in all the right ways. You could sit with binoculars and spit the acoustic instruments and electric noises, or just free yourself from this visionary work by closing your eyes and let it become a single melting pot. Like that the music can be felt the best, creating atmospheric long livery looks in unknown pleasurable worlds of either different dimensions or futuristic forms of music. The relaxedness that this provokes is friendly, hard to describe yet all feels very much at a sensible place. It’s like a yin and yang in a form that you wouldn’t have thought to exist & yet it exist. Peacefulness is coming to your ears (if you choose to hear this album) in most undefined Devine ways! Its highly recommended to take yourself on this audio trip & if you do so, you might as well bring the ones you love with you. Beautifully abstract and yet totally understandable! I do like blown up balloons, but after listening to half balloon by Dino Felipe, I must say that this balloon state must be the best of all balloon states:

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