Robotic Joe – Loopz n’ Stuffz!

Artist: Robotic Joe
Title: Loopz n’ Stuffz!
Keywords: experimental dark ambient drone folk lobit power electronics trip hop Panama City
Label: SPNet

Personally I see the electronic breakcore experimental music by Robotic Joe as the work of a true outsider artist that had chosen electronics over the acoustic things. Or perhaps the electronics had chosen him and not the other way around… whatever it is, or how to call it, it’s probably me trying to catch words in order to let you know that Robotic Joe as persona and his music creations are as unique as they could be. Not everyone will ‘get it’ and even the ones who think to ‘get it’ will probably just hang around guessing while stroking their chins in attempt to look like intelligent beings.

This tape by Robotic Joe is one of those things that only can be popping up out of interesting underground circuits. Story goes that they are out there, people have bought them, but they have also been shimmering around in a box for a lucky finder.. gosh who knows where all these tapes from the original release have ended up or where they are going to go as we speak. But thanks to the digital world we can hear the content of this tape through the internet ways, of course it’s not the same as listening in through a cranky old tape recorder but still it gets the job done… and than… (if you haven’t been familiar to Robotic Joe’s work) you will probably hear the eccentricity in his work that makes him the uncrowned king of electronic breakcore oursider music..

In fact, it’s so unique and different that you might want to drop the whole breakcore label & just say it’s a undefined genre, the Robotic Joe genre – only inhabited by Robotic Joe and all his outputs. Something only he could fabricate, only he owns the trademarks of the trade over and only Robotic Joe can execute without failure in all the right ways. Do I like what Robotic Joe does within this tape? Well yes, of course! I think it’s fascinating! It’s the kind of music that makes me scratch my skull to make question marks appear in the places that I scratched my hairs out. It’s the music that makes me stroke my chin while I practice my intellectual face in the mirror, it’s the music that is made in such a way that it feels from a music makers angle very hard to pinpoint, to understand or trace the inner workings for; but that’s the beauty!

That’s the magnificent thing of Robotic Joe’ s work; it’s unexplainable, undefinable, completely one of a kind and as different than different can be! To me things like this needs to be on the list of protected cultural things, belonging in the museum of modern art, a zoo for the exotic, as it if unique material that would make you feel gobsmacked if it had disappeared from the earth without our grandchildren having the chance to hear about it. Preserve it, tune in, appreciate this bird of paradise his music and spread the word:

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