Various Artists – Question Mark Volume 2

Artists: Various
Title: Question Mark Volume 2
Keywords: experimental, Perth
Label: dog park

I waited and waited in order for Mark to come back and ask him some questions about the second volume of the Question Mark compilation on the legendary Dog Park Records, but Mark didn’t seem to be either available, or was perhaps non existent all together. In any case, I thought to forget Mark and do the listening and the act of throwing opinions and remarks here and there all by myself… so here is my attempt, hope it serves you all well:

James Worse – an ost for portensuch

The first track on this compilation is very ticklish, it’s as if the fingers of the creator had been tapping the buttons in speedy, yet light weighted ways, creating a somewhat feathery experience with a maximized minimalism in a groovy rhythmic kind of way. Do I dig it? Well of course! If this was the music that sold instead of Tupperware at a Tupperware party, i would have wished to have a proper job just to be able to buy it all!

OSINIHCAM Orchestra – Boxing with the Robot Mixdown 2 fat baris

What can I write about this fat piece of music? It’s jazzy and comes across as some kind of midnight material with sexy sounds that must come out of a juicy saxophone, there is also a sensual sounding drummer doing swinging bits, playful keys that seems to be played with a loungable touch and also this radical synth bass that pops up its head at certain specific perfect times. I don’t know why exactly but the appearance of this synth made me think of a mole with a waxy haircut. It is fairly chilled out, yet it can’t stay under the ground forever and needs to stick its little head above ground for surreal effects. Somehow the entire track also made me think of juice, apple or orange juice to be precise. Did I enjoy it? Im not normally really a juice drinker, but thanks to this encounter of music I might turn myself into one!

Pompom – Emu

This made me feel like being on the train but in this cartoon time where the flinstones had been hanging around. A train in which people sit in carved out stones and have to use their own legs to make their ‘wagons’ move down over their Stone Age railroad system. Together the feet move and the more it flows the merrier it seems to sound! Eventually the whole lot goes down the hill with a spectacular speed, creating psychedelic alleyways for the Neanderthaloid’s mind along the way. Do I like it? It’s heroic and big like a mental elephant that’s almost too big for the room! Of course I love this! It’s truly enhanced hypnosis in music form!

ljn day – lacquercast

This one is one of my favorites on the album, as it really digs into that crispest vibe of a tiny mouse that is stuck behind some audio equipment. It is clearly nibbling away on the cables, the wires and probably enjoys licking the electric sockets as well; it always melts my heart when something like that happens.. the ‘dinner’ music for this tiny mouse is also not unpleasant, it’s fairly relaxed and forms a soothing backdrop that makes the high frequencies generated by the mouse into a tolerable experience. Do I like it? Obviously I do as I already mentioned it is one of my favorites on this compilation, it would be weird not to like it..

YANN PILLAS – Le point soporifique

At first I envisioned some country hill with blue grass and some lonely & lost looking tourist walking around on it. Than the sky became black with terrible consequences. I hoped that the tourist would carry a umbrella to protect itself from the darkness, yet felt also terrified that sticking up a umbrella in the air might invite a godly strike of thunder. Who likes a burned tourist? I certainly don’t. Than I realized that this weird vision was just generated by the music and that I just experienced the power of experimental music. Did I like it? Realizing this power I felt pretty much impressed by it all.

Adam Simmons vs Brian O’Dwyer – No time like the pheasant

With this track I did not envision any visions or strange encounters, I did however went into a abstract jazz zone in which fancy looking octopuses had been occupying the instruments. The free jazz that they played with their shiny tentacles sounded rather busy and manic, as if they had sunken into a magical cocktail of speed and liquid absinthe, creating some kind of crazy mix that must be coming across as insane to any sober person that just randomly walked into this scenery. Later on the track seem to abolish the Jazz and go more for a fruitcake that has a heart failure while trying to play the accordion; resulting in a noisy spasm that swiftly ends all the craziness. Do I like it? Who cares if I like it or not? Interesting question though… nuts that I am, I’ll probably do like it. There is just something fancy about those tentacled creatures doing jazz…

Carly Fern – School of Mudd

How many whisky bars have you ever visited in your lifetime? That’s just a random question for you that popped up while listening to this song. It has that whisky bar kind of vibe, one in which a folkish music rules the inner core of the venue like a mermaid doing its singing on the rocks. It’s getting everyone into the venue, directly to the bar to load themselves up with alcoholic beverages that are stronger than your normal cup of pub tea. I don’t wanna die’ the raw siren sings as we down enough liquid to tranquilize a dinosaur full of problems. Do I like it? Considering the alcoholic tensions that it gives me I have to sing out in full order: yes YES Yes and yes!

Life Groove Orchestra – 190917

The music here felt very slimy, as if someone had splashed a whole bucket of soap on the floor, making the act of walking over it without falling and slipping a true act of wonder. To be fair, the slimed sliminess does sound substantially alive, making it a bit into a excursion of exploring something that is more scientific than just listening to a clean floor with soap on it. This slime must be some kind of organism, it rattles like a rattle snake and sometimes it even sings; it’s probably Darwin’s cup of tea!

Brian O’Dwyer – Simply Put

This track took me down through wooden alleyways, lighted up by dimmed lights and smiley clouds coming out of old school cigarettes. The drums roll and the sounds of music generate a drooling sensation of nostalgia. It’s just a hint, a fragmented hint of a sensation as it passes by super quickly, yet it does this at its friendliest moody pace ever.

Awkward Geisha / {AN} EeL – The Clanging of the Mysteries (Babbling Books)

This sounded like a mixture of some surreal monk self hitting himself with some kind of bicycle chain in order to come closer to a holy height. You can smell the adrenaline, the machine like motor oil dripping from the person’s body. He mumbles gibberish words (something we do here all the time) while the chains fall down his backbone in a machine-like order. It seems in all it’s oddly ways that the person enduring it all is having a good time, impersonating friendly dwarfs and a gnarly sheep. Do I like this? I can only answer with multiple question marks to be fair: ???????

Post Gender – Stories for Young Children

This one made me think of slurping things, of listening to crazy little possessed puppy dogs that enjoy their lemonades with spices. You can hear them slurping it up with their fiercely raw sounding tongues, making it go down their hairy throats as a welcomed thirsty treat that needs to be downed immediately. This slurping sensation does get comfortably accompanied by a light atmospheric ambience, making me think of a room lid with candlelights to make the noises more elegant than they might have sounded in a different backdrop scenario. Do I like it? I’m a huge dog lover; of course I do!

David Prescott-Steed – What What

To finalize this ordeal of a perfect questionable compilation, this piece of music was a perfect decision. There is lots of action going on over here, think of frogs that jump on high hats , Christmas bells, and silly melody generators. They sing ‘bing boing’ while they do their things and when the main frog starts to howl all over it like a actual human being in the midst of a favorable orgasm; the entire piece of music becomes elevated in all the right crazy ways. It really leaves a favorable good taste in my mouth! A taste for more question mark compilations!!

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