Artist: Agnes Pe
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Ho ho ho! This is Santa! Let me tell you.. I’ve had a very tough night. Had to work like a maniac, traveling second class in some kind of sledge with some drunk Christmas critters pulling it from roof top to another. Bumpy ride, indeed! And if that wasn’t enough; there is probably more leg space in a easy jet flight than that outdated thing that I had to fly the whole world around in. But happy ho ho ho and merry freaking Christmas to all of you!

You don’t know how it is people.. I don’t like to complain after all I only work whole year around bossing elves around, whipping them with my belt so they work harder and meet their deadline & have one very stressful and uncomfortable night each December, but you know it’s for the kids.. besides the Christmas spirit that I drink with my good old buddy Rudolph is a real help to get me through the days. But still just between us; santa’s life sucks. I’ve asked mother Christmas if she would run the business for a year, that’s all that I wanted this Christmas for myself, but she was too busy baking ginger bread houses..

Anyway, even now I’m working. I know I’ve filled all the dirty socks in the world, placed as much worthless gifts under those awful looking dying trees of yours but ho ho ho that wasn’t enough.. no no no these freaking maniacs at yeah I know it sucks wanted me to offer you all a one last gift; a universal one that could be enjoyed by the entire world today & maybe even at Boxing Day! Well ho ho ho what the ho is it you might ask?

Well of course this special personal word from me to you is already a gift on its own, but it is in fact the gift of giving. With this in mind I would like you to enjoy the special Christmas album by one of my favorite musicians in the world; I’ve filled her stockings up with enough glitchy equipment and spice girls posters to proof it to her.. but to keep myself on track and to the point; this album should be your Christmas soundtrack for today! I mean it.. it is perfect! It really captures the Christmas vibe that I’m (as your honorable Santa Claus!) in.. I feel it in my bones, hips and even in my bulky belly.. this Christmas album speaks to me as if it’s me who I am at the moment.

And trust me screwfaces, ho ho ho freeloaders; this is one I want you to hear & enjoy to the end! It got the bells, the firecrackers, the coziness that this holiday season needs. It’s me at my mental peek as captured by Agnes ape as if she could have sneaked and peeked in my head for true inspiration. Come on even Rudolp (who is extremely pissed at the moment) gives it two thumps up & hell I don’t even think he has thumps! So please give Santa what he wants for Christmas as he wants you to play and let these grinchy Christmas tunes be your soundtrack of today! Hairy Christmas everyone & remember peace on earth is only today! Enjoy:

Santa & drinking buddy Rudolph

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