francesco lenzi – unknown e.p.

Artist: francesco lenzi
Title: unknown e.p.
Keywords: noise, ambient, drone, lobit, 8kbps
Label: 8ravens

The music on this release can be felt deeply in the inner parts of your head. Maybe it had to do with me listening it on pure quality headphones, but in any case it’s good to get it in through both ears. In side it establishes itself like a cozy comfort zone, something that feels like a far distant memory, a alien hum of a soft zooming unidentified flying object, or perhaps the sound of your previous life as a goldfish stuck in a fishbowl. Let’s say that the memories that this music spoons up is up for debate, but what’s not, is how it makes a listener feel.. it makes them feel… pretty?

Pretty nostalgic even perhaps.. I mean who remembers that fond memory of the time coming to earth in our mother’s spaceship? Or indeed that lovely time of swimming around in circles while enjoying that short term fishy memory? Those had been the days, the times of our lives & Gosh how quickly time moves on.. strange that this track is called ‘untitled suicide track’ as it just sounds so pleasant to me, although I do remember my end as a goldfish, jumping out of the fish bowl – drying out on someone’s kitchen floor.

But it’s not the only thing that this release has to offer; no there are also the soft screams coming from the hills. Also a very comforting experience as they are like another abstract distant memory, something with green hills and a little village lady that had been probably accused to be a witch, calling us through the scenery with the will to have us come over and share dinner with her, probably in a little hut made out of pancakes.. I don’t know if this is real or maybe a memory from a dream, but in any case it isn’t frightening at all. After all when a lady loves pancakes so much that she made a whole house out of it, she must be a ‘goody’, right?

The last part of this release is even more beautiful, a slight deranged adventure of pleasantries. I can’t really put my finger on it what this one seems to trigger, what kind of memorable memories this seems to channel, but it feels a bit as if it’s us in the belly of a giant whale, singing a song together with Pinocchio’s dad while exploring the acoustics of our new surroundings. I might describe it as some kind of terrible happening, something that you would like to forget as soon as possible, but it is of course the polar opposite; the sound track of a adventurous open minded memory and having a good time inside the whale; not bad or scary at all! But than again, everything served in that delicious 8kbps bit rate sounds lovingly good!

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1 Response to francesco lenzi – unknown e.p.

  1. thanks again for your kind words.
    I’m glad you liked the work,hope to do something other with this label in the future because they worked really good.
    About the tracks…well,you understood very well the feeling…the ‘suicidal’ one…well….Is written to exorcise some fears.
    Thank you,let’s keep in touch!

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