Merzlux – Archetypal Carriage

Artist: Merzlux
Title: Archetypal Carriage
Keywords: acousmatic, lobit, 8kbps
Label: 8ravens

Merzlux sounds tame compared to most other Merzlux releases out there, which mind you; isn’t a bad thing! In fact, it makes listening to Merzlux a much more pleasant experience than normally would be the circumstance. But don’t worry, Merzlux is still killing it with kindness over here, ramping it up with a serious repetitive noise escape that feels to me similar as listening to someone’s dismembered head that had been placed in a sack, nicely being tumbled around by a mechanic sounding machine. But this all in a nice way of course!

In fact listening to it might become hypnotic, even so much that it feels like a nice sleep inducer. Something that falls in line with the pleasantness of all that the snoring purrs of a sweet cat has to offer. Merzlux does bring enough variation and experiment to the rhythmic sensation, ready to make it a psychedelic worthy escape, but doesn’t seem to overdo it, which means your feet might be still staying on the ground; ready for if you needed them.

But why would anyone run away from such a classy work? Nobody would toss a sweet sleeping cat of their laps, even if you don’t like them or having cat hair allergies; there is a risk for scratches if you do anything obnoxious. I feel it’s the same thing with the kindred version of Merzlux here. You let it do its sweet thing. Caressing it with your attention and care, adore it as it is and feel the relaxation kicking in the ‘ Merzlux ‘ way.

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