Syncretic – Drink Drink, Fan Fan, Rub Rub

Artist: Syncretic
Title: Drink Drink, Fan Fan, Rub Rub
Keywords: ambient, downtempo, electronica
Label: 20kbps rec

Drink drink is the kind of action that we like to do, especially after semi recovering from yesterday’s 20kbps birthday party. It’s to be fair; the only way to get ride of the hangover. But no, I’m not talking about the act of drinking alcoholic beverages or even non alcoholic ones, I’m just innocently chatting about the act of enjoying ‘drink drink’ the music.

It’s the best medicine, not only for hangovers but also for all world problems in general. No unhappiness will be left untreated as with ‘drink drink’ they get all treated with the kind act of the medical medications named Melody and beat. It’s a super combo, leaving proper shrinks and home schooled psychiatrists basically jobless. This ‘drink drink’ is self help all the way!

But if you need more treatment, the producer’s secret stash of ‘fan fan’ might come in handy. Here the fluctuation of melodic love is being spread out all over the body, like an act of alternative care that no acupuncturist would ever come up with. It’s a shorty, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t effective, sometimes small doses of the right thing is all that we need for those little miracles of good health. Besides doctor Syncretic also has some ‘rub rub’ available, you just rub it on your chest and simply inhale the nice melodic flavored flavors while the upbeat quirky sense will drive the goodness through all of your skin.

You will look all nice and shiny when you have combined ‘drink drink’ ‘fan fan’ and ‘rub rub’ successfully. The smile that pops up on your face when realizing that it also didn’t cost a dime is pretty much priceless bonus material on its very own!
Download available over here:,_Fan_Fan,_Rub_Rub-(20k310)

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