Goth Girl – HNW

Artist: Goth Girl
Title: HNW
Keywords: experimental harsh noise harsh noise wall lo-fi noise noisecore Toronto
Reviewer: Simon Hit

Oh gosh the sound of the Goth Girl has reached our building and is now trying to push it over with a firm amount of noise. I don’t think she asked to be here, but her sounds simply reached so far that we have to go down into the bunker, just in case the whole place collapses. It’s simply not safe to work in our YIKIS headquarters with this blowing around. Her sound is making the windows pop and most of the colleagues are walking around with toilet tissue in their ears, not because they are hipsters, but simply in order to protect their hearing abilities.

Not me, though. I want to hear what it is about, to feel those nasty vibrations in my gut & pull frightened faces to scare off the nasty frequencies. But I guess ugly faces will not do anything to make this wave of a harsh noise attack go away, preferable to torment another building like the one of neighbor from hell, maybe a nice parliamentary building or perhaps the royal homes.. When it stops I clocked it on my stopwatch to see that it was just 11 minutes long, but trust me, it felt like the audio torture had been going on for something that can only be described as an eternity. Which to be frank is a very, very , very long time to have toilet tissue stuck in your ears.

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