various artists – Venus Attacks

Artists: various
Title: Venus Attacks
Keywords: hardcore metal rock all other genres experimental electronic punk rock noise sound archives France
Label: No Records
Reviewer: The unpaid intern

As it’s the last day of the old year, and most influential music zines throw around end of the year lists and we had been coughing up sporadically some links to prehistoric lobit sounds and some harsh noise, we thought it would be even more radical to not do a list at all, but write you some words for a very nice get together of a compilation. A very special and interesting one, compiled by Yann Pillas (amazing job compiling and making everything so listenable!) and artwork by Sisca Locca (fantastic job – I mean open your eyes; look at it!) with 31 tracks by artists from the planet Venus that are giving their unprecedented best for a conquering togetherness like no other.

It’s one that attacks you, but also feels as one that ideally could be your transitional year to year soundtrack, it got everything and anything you might not even had dared to have wished for.
It’s simple; When Venus attacks, you better put on your listening helmet and take it like a real person the full frontal way. You can’t beat them, but also probably don’t want them to be beaten, as their attack is like a collective punch full of creativity and out of the box individual characters bringing their own trades of music for a knock out punch of unforgiving strong creationism . Yes big words of praise here, but you know I’ll blame the champagne bubbles & the fact that it IS great inspiring music indeed!

You simply might have no idea what’s coming, but what you do know is that it does its best to overwhelm you with talent. It’s one enormous bungled bunch that gets artistically imaginative and a whole load of eccentric energy up and running. Multi lingual , multiple genres being ridden as if there is no such thing as a genre, or simply that they are too good to be classified and stuck into a box. Its only their home-planet that they all have in common, yet they all bring their own bits and bites towards you. It’s indeed a great listening experience, opening a festive attack for the open mind with enough energy to bewilder and be wondering with.

From alien sounding danceable encounters, to poetic adventures with specialized noises that you won’t hear anywhere else; there is lots of material to get a party started, a mind melted and a non responsive human resurrected. With lots of electronics, beyond borders material, out of the box attitudes, atmospheric thrillers, punk vibrations with a modern twist that can’t be classified other than ‘Venus’ unites for a collection that will sort you out in a quality that won’t leave any room for complaints. If anything you might complain that it’s too good.. but that would be a little silly.

It’s pretty overwhelming, but also offering a guaranteed interesting time! Perfect material to celebrate the execution of 2018 and the arrival of 2019, not that yearly transition had anything to do with Venus attacking, it just is a personal recommendation to go out with a bang & doing it with challenging music that would suit the ears of a mixed interesting crowd, rather than the sound of a cork being popped out of a bottle. Nothing wrong with that sound either actually.. might even be a good combo!

If you hear anything you really, really, really dig along the way on ‘Venus Attacks’ you can simply check who the artist behind it is and have a instant music mission for 2019; find more where it had come from! I can also imagine that the music on this compilation is one that leads to interesting conversations, so no silent night, no end of the year lists and simply no fireworks needed! Venus Attacks will help anyone to go out with a bang:

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