angelica castello – Silvertone e il sentimento oceanico

Artist: angelica castello
Title: Silvertone e il sentimento oceanico
Keywords: experimental adela del campo angelica castello attila faraveli hanna schimek martin siewert monotype records radio susanna niedermayer tomek mirt urkuma ö1 Vienna

I’m a big fan of this fine website called Feminatronic. Why? Because somehow this personal journey of a website always seem to dig up great artists whose work had never been played into my ears. Today I’m checking out the music by one named Angelica Castello which is one of them that I had never had the privilege to hear or know about before. Which is a shame perhaps, although they say it’s sometimes better late than never, because geez, she had been hypnotizing me instantly with her album over here. The first track on it titled ‘adela aurita’ instantly made me hooked on her sounds, something like a unconventional mingling soundscape that intrigued in all its bizarre ways.

Even if you would tie me to a chair and torture me, I wouldn’t know how to describe this music & what it exactly does to me. I guess in all honesty that it’s fascinating me. With its sound collages that are outer border and not classifiable as anything that the average Joe and Jill would normally listen to. But it is very nice though, it feels exciting, like being tossed in some kind of a strange abstract situation in which comfort and war like occupations go hand in hand, as if they had always been bright friends together.

I tried to focus on the visual parts of this music and saw swamps, military equipments, strange French noir rouge movies, psychedelic intakes of experimental drugs, some tanks passing by as well as some wisdom provided by a kind new age guru… Maybe a short transmission radio tossed in to make the act of description even more incomprehensible.

Maybe the track named ‘tuba piece’ would be more to the ground for a simple lad like me to explore? ..hmm, maybe not as it instantly brings the new age avant sounds just like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. But here she doesn’t deal with rabbits but instead pulls out a firm amount of mystery, a little steep world of wonder, one in which voices mumble vaguely to form some kind of background zone and recorded field recordings become a mingling pool to stick your head in.

But even though it having the great potential of being slightly the kind of a strange hearing situation, it does do it’s best to come across fairly positive and listenable. Making me relax and settle down with awe, wandering how this wonderful experimentalist had passed by my personal radar for such a long bit. When she added some watery harp-like sounds I felt completely sold into her trap of long lived fan exposure. What a beautiful end, but also what a beautiful beginning into the world of Angelica Castello.

The last track ‘limacima’ brought in the nicest noises, immediate coziness, crackling campfire settings with psychedelic benefits of rattling rattlesnakes, buzzy midnight crickets and atmospheric natural settings that establish themselves through kind electronics. Again, the music is hard to define, to place in a precious box, but I do think it comes across as captivating and beautiful. It leaves me all relaxed and with a firm appetite to hear more from this artist’s catalogue.

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    This is how it should work. It’s great when hidden gems are picked up by reviewers and it really doesn’t matter how old a release is, good music has longevity 😊
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