various artists – Underground X-treme part 20

Artists: various
Title: Underground X-treme part 20
Keywords: ambient experimental hnw noise drone drone ambient harsh noise wall Germany
Label: Shit Noise Netlabel
reviewer: Simon Hit

This pretty petite noise compilation is like a group of the finest & loudest (and perhaps deafest?) weirdoes out there. Healthy and beneficial upon your immediate listen for true noise purists & probably for them more comparable to a box of luxury bonbons than anything raunchy. For anyone else it’s probably just a box full poop to be honest. But nonetheless a nice smelling one perhaps? It starts with a easy listening work by mhz_ that feels like a session of lobit diving, making me think of underwater whales with seagulls flying around in their bellies. It’s not something you would hear or see every day, but it definitely fits the description of it being a very distinctive flavor. It’s also a good start for a compilation that builds up to a pretty hard unfortunate volume.

Public Domain brings a whole tweak and peek session of the finest radio play to the mixture. It’s like listening to a alien operating and receiving human radio waves for the first time, recording it for its sacred analyses, earthly research & perhaps even a consumer’s entertainment . The tones, the crackles, the warmth of anything in between is studied, looked after with great care by a alienating test tube colony & if you are up for it; possible you? It’s all good over here, nothing to grab your protective ear protection yet, but you can hear it’s going that way.

Also interesting and still very listenable is the contribution of Mutant Beatnix’ s original audio painting. This one is very rhythmic, cryptic and somehow very hypnotic. With a micro groove of a minimal rhythm, a strange sensation of flubber noise & a sound that feels like deep breathes in which you simply can feel the life of it all it’s quite difficult to say anything bad about it. When this stable sound show stops and moves In a different direction; the overall thrill of the sudden appearance of bleeps is quite the something to feel tingly in your ears with.

The Digitariat goes for a more traditional sounding noise peace, the ones that are made popular in Memes that invites people to noise shows that makes any conversation among the sophisticated crowd as good as impossible. It’s very loud and probably quite filled with black and white dots of nothingness, yet it also feels like a unmissable thing on such a compilation. Yet, this is only the beginning of the lot of louder ones.

The legendary artist CDR also comes across as playing to a noise lovers taste and appetite. It’s very hissy, but also creative, like a strange collage of the genre’s finest hits and shits. It’s like break core noise without the beats, but with the energy and raw effects that you might feel oddly empowered by. We can hear someone adding a voice, making it a distorted fusion of strange excitement. It’s like listening to a live performance of someone who had a passion mixed with anger.

To deliver a point there is Exclamation Point who is providing the ultimate crackle track, perfectly catering to the fans of the shit noise phenomenon. Not so much to anyone who prefers other things for their ears, but I believe that such a person would have never stepped into this collection at the first place. Maybe out of low self esteem or out of pure curiosity perhaps; but I doubt that such a curious person would have ever come that far.

Also Seisei Jack brings a good deed to anyone into this kind of extreme vibe. It’s loud, nasty and not very polite, yet it gets the job done by bringing the noise to surf over. It’s called ‘birthday’ so you might consider it a celebration. I would say that it would be the ideal track to play at a birthday party when you had enough of it & wants all the guests to go home immediately.

The washing machine kind of harsh noise is brought in by Amy Weinrausch , it’s like being in some kind of destructive fun fair ride that aimed at steaming up the adrenaline until we are on some kind of edgy top, before throwing us all in some kind of hot brewing volcano. Tossing us again in a rocked and shooting it up all the way to the far side of the moon; never to be seen or heard from again!

For the traditionalist the compilation ends with Doodshoofd doing a harsh noise wall of the despicable lengthy size. What can a sensible person say about it? It was expected and seen from far away, yet it feels like the unmissable flag on top of this collection of noise related family members. You might wonder who listens to self tormenting albums like this? As it must be more fun to make than actually hear; but than again; I’m not a noise purist so I wouldn’t know..

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