Chlorine – Posture

Artist: Chlorine
Title: Posture
Keywords: experimental, left over, noise, bits, Leiden
Label: Smikkelbaard
Reviewer: Willem van O.

Are you up for some mumbling gibberish chit chat? Well if not, please distract yourself from this post and attempt to read something else as this will be all nonsensical blabla; you have been warned:

We at yikis are not your average kind of reporting club, occasionally unjustly accused of being a parody of pitchfork and sometimes involuntary paraded through the streets for our bad spelling & even labeled as Russian trolls. It all couldn’t be further removed from the truth. Yes, we are real music lovers & no trolls: we leave them in the land of the fairies. And No we aren’t a parody of some kind of pitchy fork, we don’t even know what it is or even acknowledge the existence of this fork, if anything .. we are more inspired by ‘vital weekly’ than anything else. I mean people with a dodgy underground taste thats where it’s at..

But yes, ‘there is nothing left to love’ as reviews become opinions written by grumpy people and All the music becomes noise at the end & there is simply not a ton of inspiring words left. Yet, here we go again, perhaps out of pure self torture and a sniff of unforgiven curiosity; we listen to this negative work of Chlorine. It’s quite nice, with layers layered through each other that form that saddened cake of sound, it’s like a mixture that makes you think of Karl Heinz Stockhausen’s quote ‘music or sound?’ It’s something nicely balancing in the neat muddled middle.

Thing is.. we always addressed Chlorine (the artist behind this release) as a woman. Why? Because we aren’t very well known for our research, reading biographies or check out the press release writings.. also because we knew a Chlorine ourselves , she was a woman who had this name as a unfortunate nickname as it rhymed with her own name ‘Corine’ and she always made oink noises when she was talking, laughing and even eating. She was also not very nice as a person, Not that the word ‘chlorine’ has had anything to do with the sound of oink, but yeah people sometimes can be cruel to each other & because we realize we have to learn from our mistakes we apologize to Chlorine and Corine and all who blindly believe a word that we suck out of our delighted little thumbs.

… oh well, back to the music shall we? Yep, the next track ‘moon bullits’ is also nice. It’s another calm happening, a little fuzzy around the edges but you can hear the looped ambient orientation going on for that telletubby ‘let’s repeat it’ concept. The true noise part comes truly out of the shadows when the next track ‘(I can’t no) validation’ comes out to play within our ears. You can hear the artist’s frustration, Chlorine finally expressing the expressive sounds of wanting to be a validated member of the musical noise underground, a active recognized artist that desperately need to be addressed by a real music magazine & has to be contacted by the owners of the walk of fame to put its hands and feet into a fresh block of cement. It’s like a flight through the hollow thoughts that the artists wished upon its eternal enemies. It’s unfortunate not all too angry or crazily edgy, making us still smile and relaxed as we try to find the words of wisdom and pleasant pleasures.

Chlorine than settles down with some kind of honky boat of a track, it also had that dirty layer of crackling fuzz calmly playing as a backdrop. Making it a sad but cozy moment of what I presume as the act of ‘feeling sadnesses’. It is called ‘posture’ so we might just be wrong (again) about this one.. but before falling into the trap of analyzing the next track ‘tan lines’ we must say that this is a beauty. The noise and ambient sound of actual music feels like a intensive manhunt for beauty. It’s s collage that has many sides, snuffs and flavors, a intensive work in which Chlorine (whatever the gender) had put a lot of love and attention in. That’s some recognizing, isn’t it?

Last track ‘forever is not long enough’ is keeping itself on the shorelines of receptive minimalism, which seems to be a melting pot of noise and ambient on repeat, creating some kind of menacing relaxed atmosphere that continues to (what my music ears believe to be) one of those tracks that is actually long enough. With subtle add ons it goes on forever, as if Chlorine had produced it for meditation of some kind. It’s not bad and in general a very likable release, one that seems to show us a different kind of Chlorine than that we have been presented before. Better respect this artist before Chlorine will hit super stardom and send its trolls drown our way for a little beating to gain our respect, change our posture & make sure we will always bend down when this music maker’s music (or is it sound?) parades by..

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