various artists – Splixtape

Artists: various artists
Title: Splixtape
Keywords: ambient experimental folk kosmiche Birmingham

Oh my goodness a split tape called splixtape, featuring artists that actually fit together. That is kind of a miracle if you actually think of it. Normally we see compilations of people that are like curiosities sitting awkwardly next to each other, pretending to be friends or at least someway being okay with each other. But like I said, this Splixtape is different… they don’t tolerate each other’s presence but seem to be like little family members that have their DNA filled with comfortable similarities.

At first Prana Crafter delivers the right amount of relaxation to settle nicely into your own skin and sink it into a lazy but comfortable position. There you sit and listen to the guitar works, psychological tripping a listening listener out with a warm almost oracle-kind of flair, ready to seduce you to go from this planetary dimension into a complete different one. You just wait and see, let the music do all the hard work, even though it doesn’t seem to be a work that is pushed or rushed; it’s the kind of labor that seems to be channeled from a more spiritual kind of experience. So bring out the memories of lid tea candles and soft streams of waterfalls, as that’s precisely the kind of thing that this music seems to push your mind towards.

Luckily for fans of Prana Crafter and this special kind of music, there is another track here by this artist to be discovered. This time it’s more daydreaming than you could have wished for, all played out with a sound track that is as melodic as it is mellowed out in funkiness. We can once again jump on board, feel the generous kindness as she touches the strings of the guitar like a psychedelic minstrel that happens to have some distortion pedal at her disposal. It’s beautiful and when I heard it all, I fall severely into a deep trance, making me happy and all the Rat of that… The last functional bit in which a organ seems to freak out in delightful ways ma;3 me think of Prana Crafter as a artist with a godly good sense of humor, making her instantly my kind of friend, which is odd perhaps as we have never met, but music simply doesn’t show any boundaries for these kind of feelings!

After this it’s a lengthy exposure of another artist, one whose name isn’t Prana Crafter but ‘ragenap’. However the name change, the artist does fit perfectly with the previously heard tracks, kindly playing with the strings of a guitar as if it’s the only way to produce warm heartfelt ambient music for the kind hearted generation. It’s severely nice and lovely, taking us by the hand on a warm loving journey that goes suddenly into deeper thoughts of understanding. It’s going on a dense tour of music that seems like it is the kind of material made while being in the desert while the psychedelic parts of a just munched upon cactus had kicked in.

After this it’s the comforting sounds of ‘tarotplane’ a music piece that feels like it’s playing around with gravity, avoiding it as if it’s the plague and making it dissolve itself through musical exploration. It’s a mouth full of vacant vagueness but the actual music feels like a royal piece to me and my feelings, aa if it had been written for a royal loyal horse that came back from a long journey and had conquered many shadows to now be just celebrated by the crazy lot that’s you and me. It’s all nicely done, making the guitar sounds coming across as full of they are making love to the gods of the night, bowing with beautiful melodies towards the stars, paying respect to the moon and anything else that hangs around it. I could not think of beautiful words to describe or tell about this music as it’s the kind of thing that is a thing to be felt more than anything else.

Last in the row is Horse Apples, one that isn’t unkind as well, quietly cultivating our space with music that feels like a tranquilizer that gets us down quicker than a typical injection at the dentistry of horrors. Every aspect has ‘trip’ music written all over it, bringing us on a journey of relaxation, ambient relaxation and down the road of us all cheerfully cooling down. It made me so relaxed that it would be simple a mission impossible to write something concrete about it; so I won’t bother. But here is a nice link that will help you further:

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