Origami Repetika – dungeness love crab

Artist: Origami Repetika
Title: dungeness love crab
Keywords: easy listening, indie pop, lobit, 8kbps
Label: 8ravens http://8ravens.blogspot.com/

The latest album by Origami Repetika had taken me by surprise, not in my behind (mind you!) but in the more emotional sense of the saying. I knew it was out and about, yet didn’t have a clue that I would be so touched by it. Not that it got its hands out all over me, but if it did indeed have hands I wouldn’t even have minded them doing such a thing; it’s that kind of an album! The touchy one in a hopefully mutual consenting way…

Might we call it even a album? I mean it feels like it. Its probably not seen like that by the ruling class that work the loads at discogs.com, but on a emotional level I sure think it comes across as one. With just four tracks and two of them feeling like open hearted songs, it’s like a grand meal of music. One that has everything going on for itself, beautifully orchestrated melodies, a whole wizard set full of instrumentation and the passionate tones of Origami Repetika singing its inner heart out. I hope that his heart still stays wherever it has been beating at the time of creating this excellent case of music, as it’s truly very nice to hear such heartfelt creative output that’s been obviously cooked up by a person with lots of time, effort and love.

This is one of those creations in which the artist didn’t hide behind a mask of superstardom, ego or conceptual hideouts, but one in which Origami Repetika stepped in full glory, naked with all its beautiful imperfections and perfections, sticking it to the common upper ground music, a disgraceful scene that it single handily changes into unwanted pieces of cold useless stuff of Botox infused fake plastics.

Sure Origami Repetika goes for a theme here on this emotionally weighted beauty, a story perhaps, but it feels so human and real, there is simply no mask on the face of the artist behind this music, shining its rays of pureness like a care bear who shoots out rainbow glitters all over your face. Insert a porn image over here with your mind & you get the point… it’s just very beautiful, hands on and well done passionate material.

When my personal most favorite song on this release ‘closer than the picture’ played for the first time, I was pretty much close to tears. Just the emotion mixed with the extreme excitement of hearing Origami Repetika so full on, while actually surrounding himself in the confident space of the 8kbps sound is to me – pretty much – orgasm worthy! In any case I strongly believe you’d tap that (or that you would be happy to be tapped by it – whatever floats your boat..) but it truly feels like the sparkle that might lid a entire new generation of lobit producers!

Who wouldn’t wanted to sound so real, human and excellent than what this artist had delivered over here? And try to do it in this low bit rate – it’s a real challenge! And Origami Repetika rides it as if it’s real easy! Wonderfully lubricated! Check it out and let this music touch you in all the right possible ways:

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