Sarah Schonert – Wintry Mix

Artist: Sarah Schonert
Title: Wintry Mix
Keywords: christmas electronic eclectic holiday indie pop piano singer-songwriter winter Peoria

Merry Christmas everyone!

I know.. Christmas is over & for the fanatic lot we are suddenly forbidden to have Christmas decorations around, making people toss their once beloved trees out of the door & leave them to rot in the street; kinda ungrateful isn’t it? But you know what? I refuse to take away the tree, the festive lights, the stars in front of every window… as long as the tree doesn’t become a sad bald object and it’s cold as the Antarctica outside I will celebrate the ‘winter’ festive season like a stubborn old Santa! Why? Well, I just discovered the right soundtrack for it and it would be a real shame to leave it unattended or play it in the wrongly decorated surroundings.

This lovely Wintry Mix by Sarah Schonert got everything to keep the Christmas spirit warm and brewing. With lovely cute bells she manages to give those crystal clear Christmas balls the righteous glow that they needed in order to to compensate for the neighbors lack of balls. But Sarah also sings her warm voice through the frozen air, making me think that it would really go well with a cup of hot chocolate and a Christmas cake. She plays the piano so well, bringing that righteous sound that somehow brings up those memories of entire families gathered around this classical musical instrument while singing Christmas carols.

Even the angels had been kicked out from everyone’s homes, but thanks to my choice of Sarah Schonert’s Christmas oriented music & the rebellious act of refusing to accept that it’s all over; they all had come around to find refugee into my home. Together with the lovely music by Sarah we sang Gloria in excelsis Deo through the chimney, broadcasting our joy to the entire neighborhood and beyond. Even the three wise old kings must have heard it as they all came around on their camels, delivering sweet Christmas gifts as they warmed their hands at Sarah Schonert’s pretty sounding Wintry mix. The music and this sight of a joyous house full of warmth, love and sweet guests was a real pleasure and a reward for the brave courages act of living the Christmas celebrations even after it isn’t socially accepted anymore.

Sarah Schonert’s album felt like a pretty ice princess that had come over to bless this specially chosen house with music, telling me that the bravest thing to do next is keep on playing it & make the house like a shelter for all the pretty Christmas vibes all year round. Maybe calling it quits when it actually turns Christmas next year, or indeed if the tree falls out and begins to walk away by itself.. until than the Christmas bells of Sarah will play, sing in our ears with her appetizing voice, giving us the courage to be a little bit different than anyone else. Sarah Schonert’s music simply gives us that welcoming touch of believing that this is the right way, keeping Christmas alive as long as we possible can & finding strength in it as if it’s our holy mission to do so! Finding this pretty album now at this time of the new year simply cannot be a coincidence! And you reading this now? … that can’t be a coincidence as well! You might as well join the late seasonal vibes once again!
Merry Christmas everybody, here is your delated present:
<secret Santa>

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