Artist: Sina Khani
Keywords: Sina Khani, Sina Khani & Sina Khani & a bit of love for Anne Frank camouflaging the true love that is Sina Khani
Label: Blowpipe
Reviewer: Simon Hit

This ‘request’ has been dusting around in the passageway at our cozy headquarters, the full area where many of the incoming requested requests have been seated for days, weeks,months and even years, growing long beards and even longer toe nails as time kept passing by & more tempting looking things of interest skipped the line waving them all goodbye like a naughty diva who simply might have had whatever they all wanted to have: our attention.

Sina Khani definitely wanted our attention & not only ours, also yours. Why? That’s a good question. You could say ‘it’s because he has something out’ a new music video of some kind that the world must know about.. but somehow it’s actually just him, showing himself, with a video with him in it and a song about himself. It’s not so much about anything else, I mean there is the backdrop of music but it’s forgettable, even his special kind of voice falls strangely into that first section, but what is not forgettable is Sina Khani being there, showing himself as he loves Sina Khani in all his self loving ways. It’s the kind of moving audio visual picture that you would see when you searched for ‘narcissism’ in the dictionary of the so called future. Why would anyone else, with the exception of Sina Khani himself, wants to see or hear that? Another good question! Maybe for research purposes?

But be grateful as Sina Khani is alright. If he was wealthy and filthy rich (yes both of these things at once!) he might probably had big buildings all over the place, with his name SINA KHANI in a gigantic letter type all plastered over it. He could have been president! Now he is a entertainer that truly seems to entertain himself & that’s totally alright. Right?

But let’s get back to the neglected request and our annoying over analyses of it:Of course it’s camouflaged as comedy, performance art perhaps, a specific kind of humor that not everyone gets and that’s the thing that is the humor in itself. Is it provocative? Maybe in the same kind of way a encounter with a ‘potlood venter’ would be hilarious, but other than that , the laughter here for us as a non Sina Khani feels a bit tame. It’s just that Sina Khani is too real, even though you might think (or presume) he is playing a comical character, somehow he seems to be the real deal, sure he obviously doesn’t take himself not too serious, but at the same time he also takes himself seriously not so serious in a serious kind of way. A complex thing, isn’t it?

It is a interesting thing at least, especially if you are interested in psychology, but other than that we might not really know what the purpose of this all is over here. Indeed Entertainment? Maybe! In any case If we would praise Sina Khani’s performance over here on our humble mildly entertaining blog, you just know he would be in no time jerking on his personal joystick as if his entire life would depend on it, but even ‘this’ actual post over here -as simple as it might be- might be enough to get Sina Khani excited in that ‘special kind’ of self loving way.

We don’t blame him. We salute him! It’s easy as he IS beautiful:

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