Artist: Сольвычегодск
Keywords: moscow punk russia chaotic free improvisation free jazz freeform jazz improvisation punk jazz smurf jazz Russia

This release has hundred tracks. It’s not the usual conceptual one in which shitloads of tiny songs of a few seconds are all cut together to make as much track titles as possible in a short time frame; in this case they do actually sound like hundred individual tunes. That’s a bit much, right? A lot to take in perhaps, but I guess for fans of the music that this experimental crazy punk jazz band from Russia Сольвычегодск cooks up, it must be some kind of a true luxury. I mean one hundred pieces of sheer jolly craziness might be enough for them to just stick with one record and be totally happy about it.

For me as a non fanatic fan it might for the same part be one billion zillion tracks on this release. I mean when I saw it I immediately thought; is this even real? Are they trolling us instead of us trolling them? It does feel a bit overwhelming at times, but it’s also a rather big overload of strange foreign music to me. In general it felt as if a band of energetic geese had come together to make sounds of music that would easily disturb the daily goings at a children’s pet paradise. You know the kind of farm filled with goats, rabbits and little piglets that are all ready for children hands to be stroked and cared for… those damned geese just would make a lot of noise, clatter their wings and open and close their beaks for a full on anarchistic spectacle. But they aren’t coming across as evil or angry, no, not at all! They are coming at us like happy individuals that sneakily ad a little laughter to their works, keeping it playful, raw and a bit cuckoo.

To me it helps that I have no idea what these fellows are saying in many of their song introductions, I mean it makes the fantasy of them being animalistic feathered jazzy punks just a bit easier. I could imagine them banging the drums, rattling their horns in energetic idiotic ways while roughly peeling the strings of their musical devices. They have dropped their human structures of everyday society behind their backs, probably just to feed their music with edginess and free form ‘whatever will be will be’ mentalities. They seem to have had a lot of fun making these 100 songs on this album, which might mean that they are a band of togetherness with good sense of humor and understanding respect for each other.

But yeah, to be honest 100 or 1000000000 billion zillion tunes was a bit too much for my precious time, so I guess we just have to pretend that I have heard it all and can put out a honest opinion about it. But in fact I can’t really, although making it towards tracks 69 isn’t all too bad to get some kind of impression of what this is all about, right? I think it is a fun, strange, bizarre kind of adventure, something that would make you think; gosh, wish I could throw myself in that hole and had more time to hear everything as a whole. But I guess if you are really digging this craziness it might be an easy choice not to have any interest in anything else at all. So you will have a entire life time to spend time with these tracks, making them the soundtrack of your daily happenings, mishaps and highlights of your crazy days! Best track on the record worth listening – if you are a fan or not – would be definitely number 16; it’s pretty hilarious!

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