Dominic Silvani – The Impatience Of A Sinner

Artist: Dominic Silvani
Title: The Impatience Of A Sinner
Keywords: alternative folk acoustic London

The voice and guitar by Dominic Silvani seems to come across like an old friend, someone that you always have known and are happy to hear again. He brings his words like a David Bowie popping on a folklore track as played and sang from a well willing cloud from the heavens above. He didn’t lost his poetic word choice or seasoned voice but changed a bit to sound less occult, more humble and angelic. Like a honest kind of a down to earth minstrel that had teamed up with a lovely assortment of fine music makers, all coming together like a bunch of super heroes to make ‘this’ EP happen.

With a delightful Cello played by Maya McCourt, double bass by Adam Beattie, piano by Jon Hess and accordion and pretty sounding backing vocals by Garance Louis, and a bit of violin by henni Linnea the songs by Dominic Silvani seems to flourish in its true human essence. They are calm, kind and pretty loving. And trust me, I would definitely tell you if it was any other way. I cannot even make a joke about it, something that I tend to slip in sometimes – its just so nice & it would be awkward to make you (the reading people) laugh through it. But this is where this write up / review ends as I wouldn’t have a clue what else to say about it.

Maybe I can say that I don’t really understand the front cover… but hey, we got to appreciate the act of artistic freedom! Besides I don’t think I have the patience to dive in it on a tour of over analyzing nonsense. Instead, I could also say that the music can be found hiding behind this link at the bottom? Yes! I can say exactly that or just write it down: you can get to this EP by clicking the following link:

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2 Responses to Dominic Silvani – The Impatience Of A Sinner

  1. Henni says:

    Hey! Violin by Henni Linnea, not the lovely Barbara 🙂

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