Julien Ottavi – Beyond Symphony

Artist: Julien Ottavi
Title: Beyond Symphony
Keywords: experimental art sonore drone improv new music noise symphonic noise London
Label: FibrrRecords

Well… I was trying to get a relaxed night in, thinking about putting some kind of symphony in my ears as i sip a sleepy tea like a true hipster… but unfortunately the new ‘symphony’ release had been beyond being symphonic, in fact it was all squashed out upon my reviewer’s table as if a big bird had pooped up its entire meal. I looked at it and thought that It would have been nice if it was more of a ambient kind of work, but no, somehow it was time to be tormented with some kind of a symphony of harsh noise. It came in all kind of ways, no pure stableness; so you might say it was indeed a symphony of some kind; but it is probably one to empty a theatre (including its traditionally schooled orchestra) in a rather quickly speed.

It isn’t entirely unkind though, not completely ripping away my ears or cheerfully sawing my brain into multiple pieces. Yet it doesn’t seem to be all too friendly either. I mean it could have ripped my ears & chopped my brain just so these sound experiences might be spared to me or saved for another person’ s ears. Which is if you think about it, indeed not unkind at all. It’s the thought that counts sometimes. Although I must say it’s not easy to think when sitting in all this noise.

Still with enough focus and understanding I tried to write myself through it, creating some kind of meditational experience to abolish the nasty vibes that usually come along with such a harsh release & at the same time bravely be positively charged by it. A good thing that we are professional sound explorers with a focus unlike any other, as long as there is enough alcohol involved to get through it & stay focused; everything should be fine. And indeed thanks to the act of intoxication I managed in the end to focus like a true yoga expert, meditating like a crazed out lunatic on the sounds to mentally dress it all up as a relaxing ambient treatment, changing the material by mind power into something enjoyable, a wonderful collection of harsh noise flowers even..
The kind of ambiance that rattled my hearing receiving organs away quite easily, but with a bit of imagination could be felt without ripped clothes as if it’s a case of ‘no harm’ being done.

Of course this kind of work probably hurts you, it might even scares a person for life, yet I like to pretend it would be otherwise. I Just accepted the long coverage of nasty sound exposures, the ones that are perfectly capable of bringing a entire binge drinking bunch down to the ground, make them burn into the fire of a self burning bush. But hey, that’s the alcoholic in me talking now, so maybe I should just focus my mind now to reveal the magical link from where you could challenge yourself with this symphony yourself; good luck with it! As I’m beyond drunk… https://fibrrrecords.bandcamp.com/album/beyond-symphony

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