Ray Kosmische – Ray Kosmische Presents Peace Flies​/​Dear

Artist: Ray Kosmische
Title: Ray Kosmische Presents Peace Flies​/​Dear
Keywords: christmas crane house records experimental psychedelic roots Manchester

Obviously we are working hard to clear out the garbage over at our humble yikis offices. I mean it’s a new year and we wanted to start it all fresh and clean, but unfortunately there was so much stuff pilled up in the hallway, things like unheard material, mostly requested requests that had slipped through the system and some real trash as well. But we couldn’t just toss it all out, we have hearts made out of gold and know how important it is for a music maker that the acceptably eccentric people like us listen to their stuff and say some nonsensical things about it.

I really wonder why that is exactly, but sometimes it’s best not to overthink too much and definitely not ask too many questions. You might shoot yourseif in the foot with the answers.. In any case we unambiguously decided not to throw any music away and instead promised each other to shove our heads in and see what we would find in this haystack of audio files. Glad to say that this wasn’t a awful experience!

My first bite was this equally eccentric release of music by Ray Kosmische, it’s probably also made to shine at the last Christmas of last year, but to be fair it could probably also be used in the many upcoming ones. But I must say that it feels okay to listen to it without ‘that feast’ in mind, after all it’s about that ‘peaceful feeling which all loving and caring sensible people probably wished for as a New Years wish.

Yes, peace on earth and no more wars, a wish to say forever goodbye to food shortages and all the suffering in the world.. that is what we all wished for, right? We didn’t wish for that house on the Bahamas and hoping that the neighbor would slip over a dog’s turd while wearing his fancy pansy business costume; who would even think of those kind of things? Anyway it’s a terrible thing to throw away best wishes just as much as it is a horrible thing to bin well made original music productions. And that’s exactly what Ray Kosmische’s two tracks could be described as, other than Christmassy weirdness.

The first track ‘peace flies’ brings that ‘families uniting’ vibe, all ready with the right musical elegance that children and adults alike could fry their chestnuts with. It is slightly bonkers, with a deep voice and a ‘boing’ sound that might make imaginative people think of a kangaroo doing a jump for joy, it all becomes simply a little bit more saucier than your average sounding holiday theme bringer of peace. It does have that tempo to lock elbows with your beloved and kindly hated family members, ready to bounce along in that swinging pace in which mulled wine can easily tame the arguments among each other.

And than there is ‘dear’ which has a more upbeat speed, but also keeps that cozy homely feeling alive, one that fits the moment of sitting around the table while a stuffed turkey is being sacrificed. Something has to suffer for this time of joy, forgiveness and semi surreal peacefulness, right? Too bad it is a innocent turkey and not all those people in the war industry, although to be fair; they might not fit in the oven & probably wouldn’t taste very nice. They would probably taste a bit rotten.

In any case the music within these two tracks are nice and pretty. Pretty enough that it makes me feel a bit shitty not to have it thrown at your attention when you probably needed it the most; family Christmas dinner. But than again any dinner would possible do as a nice backdrop for this music. It’s at least worth the try.. Too bad it’s just two songs, but I guess just like ‘peace’ we got to enjoy it while it lasts… usually (and unfortunately) not very long, right?

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