Jessica Grant – Planning Ahead

Artist: Jessica Grant
Title: Planning Ahead
Keywords: alternative electronic experimental breakbeat chillout mind neoclassical piano United Kingdom

Last year I got my ears introduced into the music of Jessica Grant and was so instantly impressed with it that I had written down in my New Years resolution that I should plan ahead to make more time over here to hear more from this artist & if possible spread the word to the eager music loving people like yourself. Today it’s one of those days that I try to do just that, so without further ado here is my humble blurb on yet another fantastic EP:

It starts with a track named ‘Unwritten paths’ which comes in wonderfully, with dense piano notes and strange synth plucks that makes the dramatic sound like a intelligent battle of true emotions. If this isn’t enough to impress the average listener, this producer throws in fat electric playful beats that fall and drop in at all the right places, creating a super original work that feels brainy, yet goes in with ease through some kind of universal understanding. It made me immediately impressed again in all the good ways, but it just didn’t stop just there, oh no: cause after this, it’s ‘and than’ that happens.

A very cool track, going for those darker lower piano notes and a nice beating of fat kicks mixed with heavy bass. The main melody feels ethnic, even a bit Asian but not coming from the Asia that is now, but more like one that would come from a far future. One that had conquered the entire world with ease and pure emotional determination. The entire western world would eat their noodles with sticks over here and completely forget what it is like to have cutlery at hand.

The same similar sounds seems to get used for the electro gothic type of a next track. It feels very playful, with memorable melodic lines that feel as if it has a dark eighties flair over it, one that has that ‘joy division’ sense while actually instead of taking oneself down, is doing its ultimate best to elevate the entire atmosphere. Armed with twinkling bits that are the geographically placed melodies, Jessica Grant rules over the fatness that she created over here. One that is a emotionally touching backdrop of lower key energies, the ones that you might feel deeply into your guts as they visit you with ease and understanding. By the way:I don’t know if any of my writings here do make any sense over here, but trust me; you just got to hear it for yourself, as it’s pretty damn great!

The last track ‘I wonder I wander’ does it’s best to satisfy the lovers of intelligent melodic emotional constructions. Trust me again on this as they will be satisfied a great deal! It feels like the epicenter in which we could sit down and bang our heads in full agreement; this music is full on and thanks to this last tune this EP has the perfect ending, one solidly solid with its beautiful played organic sounding melodies that come somehow seemingly out of nowhere, all prettily hypnotizing my ears (and probably yours) with an beautiful devotional touch that is bouncy, strong and not to be screwed with. Jessica Grant kicks ass in the most delightful ways over here! So bend over and plan your listening session ahead while checking out this grand sounding release, although if it’s your first time; nothing can prepare you for how great it sounds:

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