Susan Drone – Autumn Equinox

Artist: Susan Drone
Title: Autumn Equinox
Keywords: experimental ambient dark ambient drone experimental electronic Murcia

Thanks again to Feminatronic I’ve come across yet another producer whose intense music had bypassed my attention for quite some time. My first time hearing this artist’s work was with ‘autumn equinox’ which is a live performance that must have been recorded straight from the mixing desk as not to record any backdrop noises of the audience & to keep the music as crystallized as possible.

First impression upon this listen was that the surname of Sarah hadn’t been named more correctly; she goes for the dense drone atmospheres indeed, but don’t be fooled as it’s not like a stable continuity of boredom, but a sensible melting pot of layered layers with all their own flavors and crafty feelings. She let these drones out not to hang around, but more to tell you a wordless story, taking you on a adventure in a well directed thought out kind of way.

Another thing that is important to mention over here is that they come with a lengthy sounding rhythm, a loop that keeps these drones well dancing in line, making it a piece to easily trip along too, even being suitable for a very slow experimentation dance of some holistic kind. At one specific time the drones transform into a hymn of human hums, something that comes across like listening to a cult-like group playing praises to the moon as depicted on the front cover. It feels like listening into a secretive ritual somewhere in the outskirts of nature, one that comes to s successful hypnotic end, with a celebration groove that would keep everyone locked in a elevated state of trance.

To me this feels all very satisfyingly up and exciting. Like listening in to things that are normally held in secrecy, behind closed doors or in a group where we simpletons might never get to attend in real life. But instead of watching a documentary on magical gatherings from a distance, projecting this ‘autumn equinox’ on your own ears feels as if you are actually there. Making you feel a part of the satisfying ritual that had happened in 2028 Live at the Høst Punkt Festival, Skien, Norway. See? Never say that broke music lovers can’t travel and go somewhere? The music takes us all around the world and to very exclusive far out places. I think this release by Susan Loop proofs this easily, so if you are free and up for a little journey, please check this one out:

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