Whalt Thisney – This Is Memorial Device

Artist: Whalt Thisney
Title: This Is Memorial Device
Keywords: electronic, ambient
Label: Pilot Eleven Netlabel https://www.pilot11.co.uk/

Everybody can find some common grounds in ‘common’ by Whalt Thisney. It’s here we can shimmer softly away as if we had just woken up with some kind sunshine sailing through the thinnest curtains that we could find, while our own bodies still quietly resting on a bed of featherlike cotton. Whalt kindly makes this waking up relaxing moment into a long lasting and worthwhile one, sweetly caressing our senses with some piano fluff, draped with a coat of synth mystery that becomes slightly more eerie as if it’s announcing the arrival of a new hectic day. But Thisney keeps us flowing in that shimmering early morning state, giving us a reason to dump alarm clocks and never to use these devices of torture ever again.

Then there is ‘Delphian’ that kindly tucks you into the bed even further, as if you had been unknowingly ill and the music had become the private nurse that knows best for your own healthy benefits. It’s hard to think about anything when you lay there as good as tranquilized by the plinking piano floaters, perfectly putting down your eye lids for another case of deep sleep travels. Our involuntary trip leads into distant shores, places that have lost their relativeness with anything concrete and less dreamy. With subtle arrangements that might be overruled if your body decided to go and snore through as loud as a chainsawing wood cutter.

It would be a shame if you had already slipped away in something similar to a temporary kind of a coma, as ‘shadowself’ is one of those prettily done moments on this free netlabel release that you shouldn’t snore through, but when the last track had to come in and do its thing I was well gone into dreamland. Don’t know if I made the sounds of cutting trees (probably not as otherwise I would have at least woken up) but instead I kept on dreaming, making this post while I slept and can only hope that it somehow is published when I open my eyes from a nice resting sleep. No more sleepless nights with Whalt Thisney around it seems!

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