Body Says No – 3 songs

Artist: Body Says No
Title: 3 songs
Keywords: rock, Slovenia

Three songs by Body Says No. One ear to listen through them & a volume button as low as possible / not to wake up the entire household: that was the situation over here. How is the situation over there? Not that my body really cares about that at the moment, but you know it’s all part of the ‘social skills’. Anyway back to me and Body Says No:

Even through having only one working ear and Body Says No being played through at this lower level of audio levels, it’s easily noticeable that Body Says No isn’t a slogan again rape, but a product of rock. Not a stone, but the music version of the word. I could hear that they have guitars, a voice and drums and all that. I tried to let my single ear focus a little harder and put the volume even a tiny bit lower. As if my body seems to say ‘no’ as well, as at this lowest of volumes it’s as good as impossible to hear anything and playing it through only one ear (the other one had been going through a successful shutdown) makes it even harder.

Why did I put the volume even lower than low? No idea! It is probably my body on automatic pilot sabotaging the listening session. Why did my other ear shut its function down? Probably also a case of Body Says No. still, I tried with the force of willpower to revolt against my own body, putting the volume a little bit more up again. Not too loud as if the other members of this household would hear ‘Body Says No’ their sleeping bodies might want to wake up to unplug the functionality of my own body & place it in a body bag. I mean it’s in the midst of the night and none of them are known for their love of rock music of this kind. With ‘this kind’ I mean music by Body Says No.

In any case I focused again and did my best to hear, and did somehow hear it. Whatever ‘it’ means. It simply wasn’t needed to put the volume up to the highest level to be able to feel that these three songs are filled with energy. That they are loud as played through any possible audio level, even indeed as thrown out through the lowest of all. It might be that the vocals are sounding reasonable shouted, a skill to keep themselves up from the rather effective rock formula. No body knows what this formula is exactly, but we know that it involves hardness.

Funny thing is that even though the shouting music and singing lyricist on top of it, the words are all coming across as crystal clear and with minimal concentration of a half working body it could be easily heard and understood. Not that I would bet my life in order to quote words or entire sentences as heard in these songs, but that’s just my mind and my body’s life insurance saying no.

So yes, It’s been a bit of a personal struggle to go through these three songs. The fingers on my body kept sliding the volume button up and down at the lower sections of possibilities. Trying hard to use the left over ear to press against the speaker in order to fork it all up & get some writing material to either praise or simply report on this release of songs by Body Says No. praising seems hard when you are not in the optimal position to blast things out loud, a thing that might be handy in order to feel this obvious source for energy in your guts, blood, bones and uhh… the rest of the body. But maybe it’s enough to say that even on the lowest volume and with only one working ear available; it still all could be heard. The bass, the guitar, the drums and the vocals popped out as if they had been masterfully mastered to battle such difficult circumstances. Body Says No meeting up with a body saying no and a environment that also said pretty much ‘no’ and still popping it out like a well lubed victory! Body Says No is simply unstoppable! You can tune into these three winners (in hopefully better circumstances?) from the following link:

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