[procpod 001]

Artist: various underground ones
Title: procpod 001
Keywords: lobit, podcast, 16kbps, mono
Label: Proc Records http://proc-records.net/

Dj Madam Adam , the hostess with the mostest is back! And I’m all excited and so should you! I mean.. it’s Madam Adam! The deejay!

Oh, Maybe you might not remember or perhaps might have been hiding under a stone at the Madam Adam heydays? In case of this being you; DJ Madam Adam is Toledo’s legendary deejay and radio show host, famous for its quality episodes on the tibol lobit radio show! Madam Adam’s playlists featuring the best music by the best underground artists and Adam’s incredibly interview skills had been beyond next level. If you would think of a level, any level.. DJ Madam Adam would be already on the next one.

Still DJ Madam Adam has the human personal touch that keeps it all low key. And also now in this brand new return DJ Madam Adam keeps it interesting and lovable with a full on eclectic mix in which techno meets acid and chip tune meets big beat oh and some organic melodic pieces too! All captured in the lovable sound of 16kbps lobit in full size mono! Just making everything sound even ridiculously better than it would sound in any other way!

Tibol might not be here no more (eaten by the giants capitalists that swallow the internet), but DJ Madam Adam sounds as familiar as back than but now with a brand new show that is very much his own! The Procpod (named after the DJ Madam Adam’s own legendary netlabel Proc records) has just be born, but already making a lot of steam in the true underground scene. Many episodes will pop up and many new generations (just as the older ones) will (re)discover good and honest music thanks to the taste buds and mixing skills of DJ Madam Adam! Go check it out & enjoy this first epic episode:

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3 Responses to [procpod 001]

  1. Linda says:

    Nice episode! The length is just long enough, perfect!

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