Project Mycelium – Mundane Behaviour

Artist: Project Mycelium
Title: Mundane Behaviour
Keywords: experimental london mundane samples London
Label: Grumpy Records

Somewhere on the internet some people claimed that only new released releases might be up for review at the many less gloriously colorful places conceptually close to ‘yeah i know it sucks’. I say Bullshit:Music is music and sound is sound & sometimes stuff that had been twenty years older or more, simply sound so much better, a easy case that the act of hearing it simply gets rewarded with a late review over here! Maybe the artists are already dead, but at least their legends will love on. Anyway, I’m going to ramble now so if that’s not your thing – please be advised to do something entirely different. If you like rambling fruitcakes doing a review, then please bare with me:

I’m sick of shaving in the morning’ sounds at first quite like the dramatic hearing piece. We can hear the person breathing in and out, sweat on its forehead as the angst of the morning razor brings instant fear to this personal persona. With the touch of absurd sounds of music and the art of ‘less is more’ and the act of ‘inserting abrupt silences’ at all the right times; we are thrown into a hearing play that will make a person latched on to the speakers enough to be able to hear the rebellious revolution and the kind reward of the decision of not shaving in the mornings anymore! Pure rays of light glow upon the unshaven chin, a little sparkle of freedom can be imagined in the person’s eyes. How wonderful!

Within ‘Tragedy and evil’ we are treated with the act of guitar repetition, playing out as if it’s been recorded on a broken record. Shimmering while the needle is skipping more violently each time until it makes way to introduce a thick carpet of warmth, combined with some quickly done experimental nastiness. Just so you know; It all ends well…

Find their own fan base’ comes in kind and rather calmly. As if the music softly slides around in order to look behind every corner in order to find those beloved fancy fans that will become loyal to any extant. The sounds are cozy, the feelings touchy and graceful. With a orchestral touch and a bit of soft noise that reminds of the friendly happening that is the fall of a refreshing rain. Some shouting people might pop up towards the end, but I’m not hundred percent sure these are the kind of fans that the music maker had send out the music for.

The behavior of Japanese people on elevators’ sounds a bit intimidating. As if the artist envisioned some neurotic people traveling in a tiny room along the many floors of a rather high building. It’s quite the experience, first feeling very out of place within this group of people, but than slightly getting more and more intrigued about it. You could hear the slight chains from the elevators moving outside this cozy box, making you probably feel the power of fighting against the earth’s gravity within your tummy. The Japanese people talk among each other, intimidating you even more as somehow they seem to glitch as they speak; are they actually robotic travelers from out of space?

‘There was an omen send’ comes with a well willing applause and a French presenter that announces something. I mean it has probably a meaning but I never paid much attention while some jerk teacher tried to teach me French. It all sound like ‘jeux de boules’ to me… the French presenter keeps popping up along the middle points of this soundtrack, like a person who doesn’t want to let the listeners listen in peace, throwing alien cabaret elements into a avant-garde ambient session. Eventually the voice might have awaken the sleeper cells of lunacy in there as even the music becomes more weird and incomprehensible. a witch.’ Seems to go further where the former track had left the building. It walks on its toes with kind fuzz injections and kind melodic strangeness. It all sounds a bit fragile over here, but than again showing that is a power on its own. Besides the music becomes more full, creating some kind of soundscape that cries for your attention. Not in your face but more like someone who looks like it is in drastic need for food and the only way to give it, is by frequent listening.

At the end we have ‘down the pornographic food chain’ which sounds a bit like listening to the religious revelation of a professional fluffer. At first we could hear this person wringing out some used condoms but later we can hear the visit of holy angels, showing our friend the righteous way to heaven. How nice! See? listening to a older release on grumpy records doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the mentality to take you to weird sceneries… it sure has! So maybe you want to join as well? Click the following link to do just that:

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