Pablo Javier Piacente – Profundidad Del Tiempo

Artist: Pablo Javier Piacente
Title: Profundidad Del Tiempo
Keywords: electronics, lobit, downbeat, 2-step, singer songwriter
Label: 20kbps

We are living in the age in which robots are heavily promoted by the mainstream agenda, probably to let the average person familiarize with them so to let them in with open arms, so they won’t see it coming as they kick them out of their jobs, displace their pets and become the new military to enslave us. Even in the underground the robots are slipping in. Kraftwerk might started it years ago, but when I heard the robot popping up at the beginning of Profundidad Del Tiempo I was convinced that maybe, just maybe, some of them robots do come in peace.

I mean this one brought in a whole array of fantastic music, with epic beats and organic melodies. The drum n bass rollers simply made my anxieties of the whole robot phenomenon go away, not only accepting it somehow, but also making me showing signs of appreciation. I mean this robot brought the sounds of the good times, the days of dancing for days with broken ankles but too much speed that you wouldn’t even had noticed how bad it was! Oh those gone memories, thank you robot!

…and there was even more that this robotic announcer of the album had brought in! The act of its robotic words that would whisper hazily like a demented poet, showing some kind of artificial intelligence that I could appreciate, especially when it was so nicely dropped on a sensibly emotion of human music. Something’s just got to be really tripped out on this combo and it’s probably the robot and it’s human creator Pablo Javier Piacente.

Somehow we are treated on a psychedelic journey of electronic music with melodies and experimentation that might sound as if they are all doing their own thing, but somehow all together form a interesting palette in which the coldness of the robot become a warm identity, a pleasure of a mix with roots that hang not only in the world of technology, but also in a mushroom taking kind of world music.

The music even showcases a wonderful soul, wether if it is a stimulation or not; it is convincing enough to convince me as a robophobe that I too should open my arms and let them into my life. Perhaps letting them do my job as well, as if they can do music like this, it’s fair to say that they must be good at getting fucked up on fun intoxicating materials so to become better buddies, writers and music makers than we could ever aim to be. Pablo Javier Piacente convinced me that he programmed this robotic music so well that you would easily lower your shields, enjoy the sounds, beats, mellow melodies and be happily sidelined. Just relax, chill and smile as the robots gain all your trust and in the end replace all of us… maybe we get slaughtered in our sleep, or die out because lack of jobs; but thanks to this free lobit album I’m convinced when that day comes; we are alright with it. They simply got it all under control, there is no need to worry… convince yourself! We are all going to die, but let’s not forget to enjoy the ride along the way:

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