Old Europe – Kurgan Jack

Artist: Old Europe
Title: Kurgan Jack
Keywords: old europe, acid, acid house, techno, 64kbps
Label: Sub65 https://archive.org/details/@sub65

The party can really start now that we have the new lobit netlabel Sub65 providing instant classics like this acid swinger of a release by Old Europe. It got all the things a broke ass (or a filled up pocket owner) kind of raver needs to get funky. The acid blobs, the woozy bass, the beats, the kicks, the claps, the drums, the vocal repetitions: everything and anything that a old school rave would flourish with!

But it’s not just plain straight ahead cold turkey style techno that Old Europa cooked up, its more of the quirky style, making the tunes not only perfect to blast around at the dance floor department, but also perfectly suitable for traditional radio & modern day podcast deejays, ready to infiltrate them into their playlists of sheer excellence. If I was one of them deejays, I would simply rub my hands together now and instantly drool saliva out of my mouth like a sleek waterfall. It’s the kind of a compact release that would drive a non deejay into a career of deejaying – just so to be able to spin this shit!

But for anyone else (even non ravers) this release has something kind to offer, simply because it’s fun and it’s music. Besides everyone could definitely use some acid in their lives! Especially bankers and politicians, just to get them a bit more in touch with reality. Don’t know if this release is the cure for all their (and coincidentally our) problems, but it’s free and who could resist free things? It might be the gateway drug to a future of peace, who knows! It’s at least worth the try & definitely deserves to be spread around and about!

So here is my contribution for the Nobel peace price! Hope you pick it up and enjoy!

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