Alwin van der Linde – SONGS FOR THE HIGH MIND

Artist: Alwin van der Linde
Keywords: experimental abstract abstract electronic experimental electronic musique concrete underground Madrid

Alwin van der Linde has been working with send footage by Neal D. Retke. Also known as {AN} Eel. (I believe that there is a very nice movie about him somewhere on the internet; google that stuff and you shall perhaps find!?) But let’s keep this about the music and not about the enigma itself that Alwin had the honor to play with (and the other way around of course!) in any case Neal had send four songs to Alwin; two with his voice and two with an old piano & Alwin seemed to have a field day with these things like only a sample based artist could understand.

I try my hardest best not to smother in the legacy and the fame of the creator of the source material, but just try to report (if possible) on these pieces of music that had come out of it. But… that’s pretty difficult to be honest, as they are keeping it so vague and mysterious. In any case these ‘songs’ go by so easily, while having almost nothing to hold onto. It is like a reality that you can’t grab, as it’s untouchable. A bit like falling into some random person’s mind that is full of things, ideas, dreams and activities and yet all being so far from your own reality that it’s as good as a endless fall into a pot of the finest imagination that obviously isn’t your own.

Maybe that is just my own personal experience over here, perhaps for your experienced listening taste there is much to hold on and understand. I might be myself a complete alien you know? Who knows? But considering the title ‘songs for the high mind’ it also might be that I haven’t been high enough to fully grasp it. That’s alright though, I could put my hands similar as Neal does on the front cover and attempt to see a bit through it all with another perspective . If I think for example of the odor of a big blunt, it gets me much more easily into that zone that these songs have been hanging out in.

Strange vocals, weird realities, obscure sceneries, odd experiences that makes the ground melt and the known world fade away as if it’s the plot of the matrix once again. Songs for the high mind doesn’t come across like they are referring to a highly enlightened holy person, but as if the brain must be brightly fried to be able to enjoy the surrealism of it all. Especially the piano bits seem to be the ones that bring disorienting feelings to my senses, making the world slightly cuckoo as if on a bad trip that is beyond my control.

Still I’m hooked, as they are clearly keeping the ears glued to these materials of oddball weirdness that feels absolutely bonkers, strange and gloriously out of touch. They pass by like something to grow along with, parading like a psychedelic event that might be one that you wouldn’t expected to experience while being so sober, but do seem to be easily effective in that way. It’s like a trippy drug that kicks in when you least expect it:

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