Das All – Allbum

Artist: Das All
Title: Allbum
Keywords: Das All, field recording, musique concrète, 8ravens, 8 kbps, lo-bit
Label: https://8ravens.blogspot.com/

Das All has a nice surprise for anyone that has ears for it. Yes, without ears this surprise would be useless, but with ears you will be ‘all ears’ to receive it. It’s not a real music release, if that’s what you expected, but more a special sounding sound escape that seems to be taking us all on a surprising trip of pure field recording actions. Not that Das All had been standing in a field, recording field-like things, but Das All had been recording ‘all’ and everything on this seemingly endless journey.

Yes there are moments of intimate things, of nature crawling up to provide the spacious side of relaxing relaxations. But there is also the excitement of humans interacting with each other, the sounds of traveling and the explorations of unknown destinations. Thanks to the wonderful extremities of it being encoded in the kind 8kbps sound, everything that Das All had captured here feels pleasant. It comes across like the ideal recordings that you want to put somewhere in the backdrop, forgetting that they are there playing & than suddenly being surprised again when something out of the blue happens sound-wise. Wether it’s Das All placing the recorder deeply in the artist’s own pocket, or simply because there is something exciting that flew into the recording’s device; it for sure gets that little jack out of the box kind of surprise element.

The label itself, the mighty fine 8ravens didn’t include much information about what and where, but thanks to the netaudio news provider Clong Clong Moo ( https://clongclongmoo.org/ ) we are provided with some important insider information. According to this reliable source we are dealing here with a ‘ Sound-Collage / Field-Recording album in three acts documenting and mocumenting a holiday trip from Glattpark to Croatia via South Tyrol.’ So now you know where Das All had been and where you can go when adding this soundtrack to your life. Get it for free from the following link if you’d like. We promise you that it’s a fine journey! Probably not something you thought to hear when you woke up this morning, but hey; it’s good to treat yourself good and go for those surprising surprises sometimes! You never know where you end up.. in this case we do (thanks to Clong Clong Moo) but still, erase your thoughts and jump right in:

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