Tristan Welch ‬- Monday

Artist: ‪Tristan Welch ‬
Title: Monday
Keywords: experimental ambient contemporary dc guitar indie political Washington
Label: Verses records

Hi dear readers, I know for most people this is a day they like to avoid. But let’s face it positively by wishing you all a happy Monday:

Happy Monday everyone!

Now that we are all cheered up I’ve got some exciting news to tell you..
On the 22 of February there will be a new album coming out on versus records. You might say that that’s still a long way to go, after all we are still hovering around at the end days of January. But still it’s worth to mention this happening already! Why? Because from the point that I’m standing on, it promises to be a good one! I can hear you think; oh my goodness Another good one? It seems that yikis only reviews good ones… and yes you are right! It perfectly fits with the philosophy of ‘why waste your time with the rotten ones, if you can get all the best delicatessen served in one place!?’

Still we normally only deal with releases that are already available to the ears of the general public, but that’s where we have found some solution for! This one might not yet be available, but there is one single track on the preorder page that IS! It’s Monday! Plus this Monday comes with a video clip that is of such a significant importance that it triggered this entire manic mania! Why? Oh it’s simply the best video clip that this year had hopped in our view! What a great sublime greatness can be seen here, a next level music video that leaves the heydays of MTV far away in the dusty fields of forgetfulness. Enough to have rattled up the drums of excitement and dip that feather in the ink-pot of favorable propaganda.

Yes, this music video is pretty much top notch, ultra creative and well directed! The special effects used in this video might make George Lucas red from envy! The smart dress code of the amazingly well choreographed actor in this video is laughing at whatever walks on the male catwalks of the nowadays! And the simple, yet define intellectual message that is depicted here? Oh my goodness: sheer brilliance!

You want to hear and see this video, right? I mean it’s the hottest thing available now, the best ultra source for other video directors to learn and (probably) steal from, but for anyone not in the music and music video business it’s a simple but phenomenal master piece! You got to see it to believe it! You got to hear it to hear it! It’s the kind of music video that will mark all future music videos to come! Utterly classy and enough reason to justify me hyping up this upcoming Tristan Welch album! If this is just one track, Monday, the leading single… what greatness could we expect more when this one drops?!

Preorder the album over here if you also felt the unhinged thrill of excitement:

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1 Response to Tristan Welch ‬- Monday

  1. Linda says:

    Thankies, happy Monday to you too! Today I commuted by public transport (instead of bicycle; I was too lazy to fix my tire this weekend. Plus the weather is shitty). Should I have put on this music, I think I would have fallen asleep in the train and wake up near the beach. My day could have been so much better, I should have listened to Tristan’s advice much earlier!

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