Ferine – Demo

Artist: Ferine
Title: Demo
Keywords: electronic experimental london metal uniform endon industrial intensive care khanate noise the aleph the body London
Reviewer: Simon Hit

After listening to the shit rock of horsegirl (see previous post) the urge to flush it away with something a bit more favorable is quite the urgent thing to do. My choice for rinsing the ears had been this Demo by Ferine. It goes for noise, guitar, voice, field recordings.. when it’s all gathered together they easily form a nice rinsing palette of a deafening kind, something loud enough to get the hairs up, fuel the rage that is needed for trashing the crap records into the recycling bin. It also helped to get a clean start again, as this kind of monstrous sounding demo simply feels strong enough to be a high grade cleaning detergent!

With just four tracks available, the demo can’t provide the headache that a longer noise release has to offer, but instead keeps the nastiness at a swift compact size, perfect for the consumer that needs something hard and needs it quick! But avoiding the standard doctor visit that you normally would have after hearing such a release of this noisy caliber. The last track titled ‘the world won’t stop without you’ was for me the highlight on this demo. Not because it’s more special than the others, it just got those higher bits in frequency to sort it all out once and for all. For a demo this one is pretty persistent in its sound, making people like me think of what will come after this little demonstration. A big megabucks worth of a platinum album recorded in abbey road studios? The future might be bright for the noisy ferine!

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