Discover JUNE AGAIN and play it again and again! Pure gold!

Title: various titles
Keyword: gold! pop, dark, electro, indie pop, j-pop,synthpop, Goldrain

If you thought that you now really, really, really had heard it all, out comes this artist named JUNE AGAIN. It’s like discovering a modern day producer that had jumped next to the ‘songs in the key of z’ fame boat, but is just as important and interesting. Maybe even more so! I mean when I heard JUNE AGAIN I couldn’t sleep anymore, sleep was all over -immediately- it was however the middle of the night and I do have a legacy as a insomnia practicer; but still the discovery of JUNE AGAIN didn’t help to embrace the sleep! I was all excited, jumping around thinking about who to make happy with this musical find?

Than I thought about you…
yes: you…
you are always on my mind you see? Always? Yep, always (another reason for my insomnia..)

I must MUST share JUNE AGAIN with you, now and direct as otherwise I would simply not be able to sleep ever again! How else could I calm the exciting rush that JUNE AGAIN gave me upon discovery? This is gold! Gold, I say!

Did you hear me? it’s G O L D !

How does JUNE AGAIN sound like? Oh my goodness, you got to hear it! Gold! … It sounds like a man in his bedroom studio with a electronic music machine, perhaps a keyboard or a computer (maybe a combo?) – the possibilities are kinda endless – but he also must have some microphone over there as he mumble talks / sings his own kind of brand of vocal arts on top of his electronically charged music.

It’s his unique voice combined with the electric sounds that got me all wildly excited, you might think ‘oh but that doesn’t sound like a new thing, that is something that I’ve heard before… YOU ARE WRONG! Unless you had the privilege of hearing and seeing this artist’s work before (the visual cover art for this project just blows my mind too!) you can’t possibly say in your right mind that you heard anything like JUNE AGAIN at all.

Behind each unique cover lays another golden piece of music

Whatever JUNE AGAIN is music wise, it is real and severely unique & oh my goodness it will make you feel like you have been digging around in a goldmine for years and finally finding this big piece of gold that just keeps on giving! What a wonderful find and what extraordinary case of artistic nature JUNE AGAIN brings us here!

I doubted all that I believed in, asking the mind breaking question:
Where had the music of JUNE AGAIN been all my life? I need this not to be only in my lifecycle, it also should be somehow integrated into yours as well. It’s the kind of music that you really, really shouldn’t miss out on! I would be happily replace my bob Marley collection and bring JUNE AGAIN in if i had no space for it – it’s that kind of important!

I can’t get my head around it, but I’m severely grateful to have a bandcamp link with all these fantastic songs and music now so close at my fingertips. I feel it’s the winning prize honestly earned by playing this music reviewers game for so many years. A gift to give around as sharing is caring and with JUNE AGAIN there is lots to share and pass around! There is no one song better than the other, all are seemingly top notch and exciting material!

JUNE AGAIN’s online musical storage place is basically all you need today. Leading from one discovery to another, all with this exciting eccentricity that collectors would go madly crazy for! Within his songs and music we simply all could find severe joy and happiness. I sincerely hope you too will happily click the link at the bottom, check out these songs as if your life depends on it & retreat safely with the knowledge that behind ever cover art picture lays another amazement of a severely unique quality!

Trust me, when you get to hear JUNE AGAIN you just want to play JUNE AGAIN and again! Brilliant stuff right here people, you love love it! 200 percent success guaranteed!

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