francesco lenzi – the last album

Artist: francesco lenzi
Title: the last album
Keywords: francesco lenzi, acoustic, experimental, drone, 8ravens, 8 kbps, lo-bit
Label: 8ravens

When you think of a title named ‘last album’ it either will be referring to an artist latest work, or that the artist had enough of being a music maker and gave this one as a final piece before successfully retiring, or that it might actually be the last album you would hear cause the end of the world is here, or it’s so good that you won’t need to have or hear any other album in your life. Maybe it somehow knows you will have a horrid hearing problem after hearing it? Perhaps the artist might only make singles and EP’s now… so much possibilities!

But let’s not waste our time being philosophical challenged and just enjoy the album for what it is: A collection of wonderful tracks in a delicate lobit bubble sound. One that feels melodic, kind and truly like a underwater world of wonders. They are like little cute gifts that made me see the world in the perspective of a adorable mini fish, experiencing these lovable cuties like grotesquely pretty things that are ever so kind and gentle to my fishy heart and even much more fishier soul. You might think; fishy heart and soul? Yep. It’s been a unfortunate situation but thanks to this album I could finally be myself again.

It’s not the first time that I heard this album, in fact this might be my fifth intensive listen. It just has this high replay value & thanks to it being so pretty in its extreme lobit realms, feels like the perfect release to enjoy my role play as a fish with. Yep, I have a life sized costume that looks like a gold fish & somehow it really seems like the ideal outfit to wear when this album plays. With a bit of soap I’ll even pretend to be able to blow bubbles along with these friendly melodies. It’s that kind of an album; open minded and welcome for fishes of all ages, sexes and colors, especially the ones that are accidentally born in human bodies + of course the regular golden ones.

To me this album brought me great joy as it suited my time off activities. You see?
I’ve build a life size aquarium to chill out in while this music plays. It got a plastic treasure chest, some seaweed, sand, snails and me in it. Listening to these wonderful melodic worlds in this context is like the best thing ever, cozy and sweet, homely and wonderful. The music of fantasies turned into the soundtrack of realities. With these nice tracks of francesco lenzi my personal spare time world in which I could live as a fish has become something that is more realistic and enjoyable. It brought more pleasantness to the moment than the field recordings of rivers and sea sounds that I’ve been spinning at my previous role play sessions. Going for melodies that brought the bubble sounds through its high grade encoding qualities is simply a next level sensible thing to do.

To me this is a beautiful melodic album, I won’t think it will be the last one that I would play (because next to having the ideal soundtrack for my hobby – I do like to be open for other albums that had been send my way) but still, with the proven high replay value I could surely see me coming back to it every time I happily retreat into the aquarium. But before you might get the wrong idea; you don’t need to be the owner of a fishy heart and soul to enjoy this one! Check it out and get it bubbling for free over here:

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