Mr. & Mrs. Chip Perkins – Very Warm Regards

Artist: Mr. & Mrs. Chip Perkins
Title: Very Warm Regards
Keywords: cassette electronic experimental germany dark jazz darkjazz doomjazz drone synth tape label weird Cologne
Label: Strategic Tape Reserve

While the global warming scene have been making the rounds to turn specific parts in the world colder than the South Pole (making trips to the local liquor store as good as impossible!) the quality label Strategic Tape Reserve had been ever so kind in releasing an album that works better than any heather. In fact for those who may be effected by these low drops of extreme temperatures this release is simply essential! It could be saving your life & if not; at least you will hear nice music before being frozen to death.. but you won’t… Unless you are stubborn and idiotic enough not to play this collection of music, but if you do; these lovable tracks will make freezing of you yourself and your close surroundings as good as impossible!

It’s in fact the release of music to sit around with and warm your body against, share it like it’s a warm bottle of some kind of ultimate kindness. Its that kind of vibe… warm & friendly, kind and nice… oh and never boring! It’s the sounds of Mr. & Mrs. Chip Perkins (Synthesizer: Chip Perkins
Synthesizer: Diane Perkins!) wishing us all their very warm regards, which simply couldn’t come at any better time than now. It might not fill the stomachs of the hungry, but it certainly gives a very satisfying feeling within it.

There is simply no need to employ flamethrowers to melt the ice with these instrumentals of pure niceness around. The synths that they are playing so lovingly together here will be enough to keep the cold out & at the same time bring their sincere love in. It also delivers the prosperity sounds of sentiment, making you fondly dream of your so called Intelligent Dance Music collection while holding onto these mellow melodies as if it’s a source for hot chocolate that never seems to lose its steam.

If your living state at the moment is less drastic in freezing temperatures, or perhaps you are living In some parts of Asia in which (also thanks to the global warming thing -it had been extreme hot this year as winter never came!), you might find the need to put the airco on a colder temperature than usual when you go and play this lovely collection of music, as these warm regards by this couple might just be the last trigger for a overheating heathwave. In fact I wouldn’t recommend playing this album if you are on some kind of arctic expedition as you simply won’t want the ice to melt there even quicker. Polar bears would simply not be all too pleased, although the music that they might hear before the ice melts instantly under their heavy claws must bring them some kind of a loving smile…

But yes, considering that only one percent of our readers are arctic explorers & their internet connections are as good as sporadic it is safe to say that this album is a must hear. A devine life saver to some in the world and a heart warming act of kindness to all others! Do not underestimate the powers of love, especially not when it is expressed by Chip & Diane on their synths! pretty beautiful!

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