YIKIS music digest #5 ‘Music to spend your money on’

The once in a while search for commercially tainted music releases that are recently being put out in the high hope of getting a bit of whatever you had been keeping in your wallet is on again! Yes, you are reading it well; your unpopular reoccurring column on our rumblingly honest music blog is back for another quick round of micro reviews of releases that would love you to invest financially into them. Single Mum (me!) will treat them quick, but fair although different than the other reviewers around here. I only think about money and commercialism; that’s my thing. The other reviewers around here clearly do not have money, so they are simply not in the position to judge these fine musicians that are out there hunting for your golden coins! Just like always; when provided I’ll give you a link, but most of these things here are available from all the mayor online music shops. Apple. Pear, egg tunes etc.. Let us begin!

This looks like a picture of the three wise men in that famous book, staring together into the far distance. They won’t look as you open up your piggyback from your secret hiding place..

Keyword: satire punk

Because nothing is more punk than having your music released on iTunes (and others of this kind!) this piss taking punk band that don’t seem to take themselves or their own genre so seriously is the epicenter of… punk. We get served with political jabs about guns and the USA, sounding as if they had actually been made up out of Irish tourists that missed their flight after a feast of excessive drinking, get their identities confused and are now trying to change their surroundings for the greater good. Somehow I feel that if we invest in this band they might go into the liquor store and celebrate instantly – which is to be fair a very good reason to pop out that credit card number or (if that is still possible?) write these people an unlimited cheque!


Also staring with a confident glaze in his eyes is this musical prodigy . He is patiently awaiting your arrival to pay his hard work in all his musical activities…

Artist: Muzik Genesis
Title: Sequoia
Keyword: chill hop

in this list of ‘things to potentially spend your money on’ is this album by Muzik Genesis. I have no time to write an entire essay about it (time is money you see?) but It’s a nice album though! With 19 tracks at your service it certainly is your five dollars worth! What it sounds like? Good question! It’s a bit of everything,the artist claims it makes music outside the box of genres but let’s say it’s mostly laid back instrumentals with laid-back hip hop beats, melodic chill, new age rhythmic ambient with field-recordings here and there. Don’t be all too surprised when you hear a recording of a hawk somewhere, or that your bladder tells you it’s time to urinate urgently – when the sound of a river suddenly infiltrates the music. But next to the occasional bird calls it also features some rapping words by professional sounding guest appearances! They need and sound like they could use some golden bling around their necks, so please financially support this album if you could afford it. It is one of these fine albums that sounds like it would do well while sucking on a spliff in your mouth. Don’t know if bandcamp accepts golden teeth from grandmother’s mouth as a payment, but if so; this might be the ideal moment to get them exchanged for some honest music.

Carmen Rosa is wearing some strong protective looking arms around her neck, a fashion statement that only people with confidence can pull off! Wonderful!

Artist: Carmen Rosa
Keyword: acoustic

If you had been one of these people supporting Celine Dion throughout her extensive career and was now in need for some fresh blood in a similar style and genre.. in comes Carmen Rosa. She has that same range and ways of singing and pronouncing the words, making her the ideal singer songwriter next up in line for a residency spot in a big venue somewhere in Vegas. She definitely sounds grand enough, but is not a surprise when you realize that she has a very big heart. Her version of ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ must make potential wealthy financiers shiver in their bank accounts; how can they resist this voice, the sensitivity that is so openly displayed here? Even the leprechaun underneath the end of the rainbow might be all ears, probably running at her now with a fresh pot of gold. To be fair, she might be the only real artist on this list that would use the money in ways that would deliver you not only music, but also good karma in return. She is the president and founder of ‘food for hungry children’ a non-profit focused on helping children in need by providing them with healthy meals. https://foodforhungrychildren.com … so it definitely wont harm if you’d scoop up some money her way!

Is this a technical drawing of a anus? It might just be! Does look cool though!

Artist: Samfire
Keyword: electronic , dance

If you travel to YouTube you might stumble upon the person behind this music taking down a kitchen DIY style, but when you hear Samfire’s music you are easily surrounded in more of a sci-fi kind of high tech vibe. It got all those ugly synthesizer sounds ready for your enjoyment, blasting them at you like a trance producer without the stadiums filled with fans at his feet. It has those trance sounds with a beat and all that. It should be reason enough to get your wallet out once again, make royal donations to this project so the good man behind it could finance better synthesizers to produce, become a big star in the business and finally show that Tiesto guy the nearest exit.

She is ready to be printed on mocks, t shirts, sweaters, posters, billboards and pillow cases. What a iconic shot in red!

Artist: Maryam Zadeh
Album: wild child
Keywords: rock, cabaret, dark wave

If you want to play it safe and still have some money left in your well endowed pockets, you might want to throw some of it to the wild child that is Maryam Zadeh. She did this cover of a The Doors classic and seems to be the ideal reincarnation of the spirit and soul of Jim Morrison. I mean, just look at her promo picture! Just as charismatic and ready to be printed on a well selling t-shirt. But also vocal wise she might get the feels right. Don’t know if you could make much money doing a cover, but considering Jim being dead it probably reduces the chances of him suing someone. In any case she sounds like the real deal!

Not entirely sure what this picture is, might be some kind of rock formation to jump off from? Interesting…

Artist: Plastic Teardrops
Title: Close To The Ground
Keywords: down tempo, trip hop

They might not yet have the gigantic hit in their hands but these Plastic Teardrops do come across as the band that sounds actually like the one that seems to be more sorted out than the other projects here. So must this be the wisest project to open up your wallet for? Perhaps so as if you have money to spare, why not tossing at this band? I mean It’s a good album that they have produced here, especially if you like to hear something mellow and relaxed while you enjoy huffing and puffing on a joint, or perhaps chose to sip out of a opened bottle of wine. (Or a combination of these two) It all has a hazy feel about it, with laid-back drums & vocals that you simply couldn’t really complain about. Well you could.. but I mean why would you?

Do you think that dead mouse guy will be hiding under the panda mask? Who knows! Great gimmick though! Who doesn’t like pandas? Bamboo sticks?

Artist: ‪Jayden
‪Title: This Time feat. Celine Farach & Matluck‬
‪Keywords: pop, EDM , dance‬

‪We end this post with the biggest commercial sounding track + video in this list. As this Jayden seems to have it all sorted over here; a radio and television friendly ‘hit’ , the looks of the singers , the gimmick of being dressed up as some kind of panda bear & a expensive looking video clip. In fact Jayden might not really need your money as this producer might already swim in it or will probably make some money anyway from this track. Although maybe Jayden does need your cash though, as with recording and filming this tune there might have been a chance that the artist had spend every pocket cash and all the savings & maybe even had to borrow some more to make this all happen… I’m guessing from not but Who knows? In any case you are free to get this tune from one of the digital commercial shops out there, I’m sure Jayden will appreciate it. ‬


I know… i just wrote that the Jayden track was the last one in this list of commercially released music bits and bulbs, but I’m sorry… I got to sneak in JUNE FOREVER!

The look of a genius. Absolutely brilliant!

Title: pop, electronics,

My reviewing colleague KN already spend a article full of praise to this artist, but as he infected me with his full on enthusiasm & the fact that JUNE FOREVER asks at least two pounds for one track he pretty much fits this list of artists that you could invest your money in. His music is pretty much unique, a rare find with outstanding vocals, brilliant art and incredible electronic rhythms. He has lots of things on his chest and manages to put them all into songs. If you still have anything coin wise sitting somewhere in a old sock; you should empty it now and pay for some of this glorious artist’s tracks! He doesn’t sound only like a person who could use it, but also like a producer who earned it!

Thank you again for checking out these commercial tunes with me. Hope your pockets are now empty and that you feel very good about yourself. See you next time!

single mum

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