Elizabeth Joan Kelly – Endless Love (cover)

Artist: Elizabeth Joan Kelly
Title: Endless Love (cover)
Keywords: experimental ambient classical collage covers electronic instrumental synthpop New Orleans
website: https://elizabethjoankelly.com

The endless love that Elizabeth Joan Kelly is giving to the musical atmosphere around her is inspiring, she will proudly share her favorite new findings around, supports the artists with enigmatic enthusiasm & thanks to all this, I feel many times pushed a little extra to check those albums out that she is so passionately enthusiastic about.

Her latest tweets spreading the word of the very interesting new album by Xui ( https://xqui.bandcamp.com/album/capitulate ) and the incredible debut album of HAWN out on strategic tape reserve (https://strategictapereserve.bandcamp.com/album/for-a-ride) are just a few examples how following this charismatic artist on a thing named Twitter could enrich your life and music collection. She not only shares and spreads the world with only good things, but it also helps that she is also herself an excellent music creator, one that is not only generously kind and humble, but also one that seems confident enough to have a good sense of humor too.

A rarity!

…all these elements are things that I love on a personal basis, making her tweets reliable cases to find out about great music that deserves to be heard, but also trustworthy pieces to grow musically and spiritually. Even not knowing her in person I can honestly type that I trust her. She is one of us. That is the kind of thing that my soul is telling me when I see her tweets popping up. That is the kind of thing that makes me write this little bundle of words that form (somewhat) sentences.

I have no idea if any of you read our glowing review https://yeahiknowitsucks.wordpress.com/2018/09/03/elizabeth-joan-kelly-music-for-the-dmv/ (or any of our reviews for that matter) for her album named Music for the DMV, or perhaps stumbled upon it in all the more serious webzines out there; but it’s hard not to agree that it is great! Full imaginative triggering melodies, music emotions, synthesizer goodness and devotional unique gloriousness.

But yes, the endless love of Elizabeth Joan Kelly shows in so many ways. The great thing is that she covered the perfect Lionel Richie song to underlined it with! Within it she collaborates with herself (vocals and music wise) and brings the classic hit single back to life! It’s a case of self love coming to fruitful fruits, something you must have before honestly being able to love others like this artist so honestly does. Her love for music is endless and I think by listening to her cover & sharing it around is a really nice way to let her know that we love her and her music too! Light up a lighter and feel and feed the love by playing this song, it’s the least we could do! ❤

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