toxic chicken – trash on tape

artist: toxic chicken
release: trash on tape
Keywords: toxic chicken, drum and bass, idm, leftfield, party mix, experimental, lobit, sub65
reviewer: a220
Label: Sub65

Trash can be a very personal thing. Some people have special relationships with their trash. Some people wonder why anyone in their right mind would have a special relationship with trash. Trash is everywhere and even on tapes. But as the old saying goes ‘one person’s trash is another one’s treasure’ … or something like this. You’ll get the gist of the old saying once you tear into Toxic Chicken’s new offering on lobit netlabel sub65 media.
Formatted in two tracks, side A & B, trash on tape is packed 15 stunning tracks powered by the premium poultry that all Toxic Chicken fans have come to appreciate and crave over the years.

The first track starts with a delightfully playful groove that let’s everyone feel and know that the coolest of the cool is pulling up to your side of the block to deliver you a toxic chicken party and therapy session. The tape flow then quickly goes into high energy, powerful dnb beats, intense precise braindance assaults, plenty of motivational vocals telling you that you will always be loved.
You get a variety of styles in this album. Toward the middle of the album Toxic Chicken breaks into an intelligent house groove to provide the perfect launch area to ask the listener the very important question of whether they dig anarchy or not. If anarchy sounds just like this, methinks Toxic Chicken is going to get a majority of yeses to this inquiry.

At the start of side B slows the tempo a bit. Providing the listener a new way to relax than his award-winning frantically dance relaxation method. It’s time to groovefuly reflect why some of the haters and lovers pitch the ol’ saying ‘you’re sick in the head’ I for one have been told this saying many times so it’s nice to know that Toxic Chicken is here to comfort all those who have had to deal with the brunt end of this matter of speech.
Side B continues on with beautiful melodies, synths and dance beats. Masterfully controlled synth automations that develop their own voice and begin chirping directly at you. They sound like they’re from China too. Or any place filled with a love for scales of all the right notes to tell you how special you are. When the tape ends Toxic Chicken is waiting there, horn-in-hand, to sing you a beautiful and reflective chill tune about love. A perfect destination of a wonderful journey through many different speeds, atmospheres, voices and melodies.

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2 Responses to toxic chicken – trash on tape

  1. kainobuko says:

    Thank you so much for the nice review 🙏🏼 That’s such a lovely surprise 😊

  2. dave says:

    gender, new in a way

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