Caleb R.K. Williams & Ivonne Van Cleef – Outlaw Long Train

Artists: Caleb R.K. Williams & Ivonne Van Cleef
Title: Outlaw Long Train
Keywords: experimental rural psychedelia santa fe bedroom recordings drone experiemental lo-fi low psychedelic rural psychedelia tascam western San Jose

Like ghostly railroad whisperers, the collaborating duo Caleb R.K. Williams & Ivonne Van Cleef seemingly teamed up their wagons to check out the old railroads in warmly unoccupied places. The music in my ears suspect they might be traveling through deserts, abandoned country villages and semi wild landscapes. As friendly ghostly trains they seem to follow these railroads themselves, but instead of poisonous clouds of steam, they brought some kind of psychedelic folk music to fuel their engine. Their feet hardly touch the railroad tracks but simply float above it, a thing that is normally reserved for highly spirited gifted yogi masters and mistresses but now clearly signed to the skills of this illustrious duo.

Crazy enough these railroad whisperers seem to have stumbled upon something that should have been familiar to their own way of transportation; a left over ghost wagon. Instead of them having a collusion, Caleb R.K. Williams & Ivonne Van Cleef seems to be intrigued and feeding their interest by going in and check it out. After a short period of time they clearly seem to conclude that this ghost wagon was a clear case of imagination. Nothing to see here’ is what we could hear them think as they move on as if ghost wagons themselves into new terrains.

Somehow they got a bit off track, traveling into the psychedelic area in which they numb into nobody less than the notorious ‘Hallucinogenic Red Bill’. This Bill had been well known as his smirking face had been well spread in the many wanted posters. But Caleb R.K. Williams & Ivonne Van Cleef aren’t scared as they seem to know this Bill very well, clearly hanging out with this alleged criminal of psychedelic crimes as if it’s a relaxed Sunday afternoon with no troubles on the agenda at all.

Unfortunately law enforcement might have had other plans, as later on our railroad whisperers seem to catch some Psychedelic Gunfight & Renegade Mezcal. Still, even though this must be a case of action, Caleb R.K. Williams & Ivonne Van Cleef must be so unseen and probably quite high to see the action from a much calmer perspective than the renegade in question might have lived it. The two collaborative music makers seem so out of their minds that even if someone gets shot in the crossfire they would still be happily smiling, blazed out of their heads in search for more railroads to follow and more landscapes to fly through. Wouldn’t be any harm done if you would take their invitation and fly along:

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